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Happy Weekend everyone!

As promised I have something extra special for you rather than a Featured Color Friday this week, this is way better! For those of you that don’t know ( but seriously who doesn’t, if you don’t it’s because you are not already following Nicole and well if that’s the case, shame on you, get to it! ) Nicole @ Polish me, Please is Pregnant! All of the soon to be born Helleborine Bunny Romp’s Aunties have been waiting for the big gender reveal to do a special nail spectacular for you guys. Unfortunately Nicole’s little Mythical creature, or Unicorn as we have been calling her, just would not reveal herself to the new mommy and daddy, until now! IT’S A GIRL!


For this special manicure I started out with two coats of “Sinful Colors – Glass Pink”. I then did a darker pink tip using “Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Club Rat” Once dry, I went a little crazy with the stamping… lol I used “Essie – Nothing else Metals” over the whole nail with my the ‘xoxo’s from my “Vivid Lacquer stamp – VL 001”. I then took (a very old polish so there is no name) what I call Barbie Pink by “Orly” and stamped the little bear holding the heart overtop on my ring finger “Cheeky Stamp – CH53”. Finally I used the same color and the same plate and stamped the words ‘baby’.

Here are my Unicorn reveal nails:


Picture 01112


Be sure to check out the soon to be new mom Nicole’s nails out at: Polish Me Please and wish her congratulations!

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*Picture Heavy* My Polish Addiction (Updated)

This is an update to my Polish Addiction Post, the original can be found here. My dad made this shelf for me, and it’s been a work in progress ever since. I wanted to paint it, so my husband and I did three coats of a nice Cherry finish and two gloss top coats. I went to put it back and it kept tipping because it’s sitting on carpet, and it’s sooo heavy. I did not want to have another issue like I did here because that was just not cool. 😦 I have been procrastinating in getting brackets to secure the shelf to the wall and, FINALLY this weekend we put it up for real 😀 I also finished all my swatches  that I have been working on for a while now, so I had a very productive Saturday. Here is the final product. 🙂 ❤

And here are some pictures up close of my Collection, I will be updating my collection page here soon with a full list of my Collection.

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My Polish Addiction

*Caution, picture heavy

Hello my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Nail Polish. My dad made me this shelf and carved out a nail polish bottle at the top for me to house my addiction 🙂

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