NOTD 127 – Caribbean Temptation

My mom and I went to the store yesterday but before hand, I wanted to go get a Pedicure. We went to a place that neither of us were familiar with but it was the only one open at 10A on Sunday. We go in and sit right down. The girl took about an hour and 15 minutes just on my Pedicure. Now my feet aren’t gnarly if that is what you are thinking, I usually take care of my own feet but wanted to have someone else do it for once… lol no, this girl was just verrrry slow. I had already decided well before the length of time that it took for my pedicure, that I was going to also get a manicure. I just wanted to have someone else clean my nails up for a change. Anyway, when all was said and done, we were there almost two hours…….. o..m..g.. Another reason why I always do my own.

Anyone that knows me, knows I don’t match my nails to my outfits, and I don’t usually match my toes to my nails, but this time I decided to do that. I will just end up changing my nails in a few days, so they wont match anyway… lol I usually end up keeping my toe polish on for close to two weeks before changing that.

The color I went for was “China Glaze – Caribbean Temptation” This color reminds me a lot of “OPI’s – Pompeii Purple”.




So note to self, continue to just do own nails and toes… ::sigh::

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