The Lacquer Ring – Gradient

The talented and lovely Cynthia’s choice is up again. I am loving her right now because her original choice was water marbling for today but thankfully she came to her senses and chose Gradient.

I’ve done both looks but water marbling for those of you that have tried it is A. a pain in the ass and B. messy no matter what I’ve tried. So I’m loving Cynthia for changing her mind for all of us 🙂

For my gradient I had Valentine’s colors in mind as I did this right around that time, I know I was super prepared this time 🙂 I did the base using Morgan Taylor’s Ella of a girl from the Cinderella collection. I then did a flakie gradient using I think my favorite one of the ILNP bunch, Electric Carnival

IMG_7350I especially love Electric Carnival as it has soo many shades, red, pink, gold, and green. ILNP’s description talks about how you will catch even more colors in different lighting. I sure do and I love it! 😀



Looooook at all those colorsssss ❤ So what do you think about these flakies or more importantly, Electric Carnival?

Check out the rest of the TLR girls for their gradient looks! 🙂

NOTD2-Ladybug Breast Cancer

I participated in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC in October 2011, so this was my look for that weekend. I used my “OPI Base and Top Coat” then my “e.l.f. – light pink” for this look, as well as my “ladybug breast cancer water decals”

I like to use different water decals from time to time. You can find a lot of different designs of these decals on eBay. I purchased these Decals from the seller: Ebay Store

The decals are fairly easy to use. They comes in a strip of 10 usually, you cut out as close as you can around the image. Once your nail is painted and DRY, put the decal you cut out in water for 30 seconds. Take the decal off and slide onto dry nail. These are not sticky decals so you can slide into place.

Hope you Enjoy and find some inspiration from this look!

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