NOTD 49 – Confetti

I got this color back in April. I remember because my mother in law gets short fake nails to wear and I got her a real pretty color from Rite Aid for her Birthday. I was totally mesmerized by this color. I had also never seen this brand before. It’s “Jessie’s Girl’ Confetti” It’s a blue and purple shimmery color and SUPER hard to capture. The color itself is very sheer, I have about 3 coats on and it’s still not quite opaque. In trying to find a picture of the polish bottle  or other people’s take on this color, most people said that they used a base of a purple or blue under, its more of a top coat or additive.

I found this picture from Chloe’s Nails, she was able to capture more of the purple hue to it.

And here are mine, I feel mine looked more blue:

In person, you can really see the different blue and purple hues at same time, it changes in the light. It is a beautiful color but definitely next time I will put it over a color.

PS yay to my 100th post!

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