A few weeks ago I was sent this new product from NAILMATES to try out. There are all sorts of products out there geared toward the removal or easy use of Glitter and/or Gel polish and that’s what this product is. The website lists the product as:

For quick & easy removal of gel polish and nail treatments.

  • Comfortable & REUSABLE
  • Better than foils or soaking dishes
  • Users can QUICKLY & EASILY remove polish from all nails at once
  • Caps & Removal Pads stay in place so user can do other things
  • Pack includes 10 REUSABLE NAILMate caps, 20 removal pads, 1 nail file.

Nail Mates promises no dripping because of their special pad,  it allows for you to do other things while waiting. They also claim to work better than foil because it allows less evaporation with the rubber caps. The caps and pads were specially designed for removing gel polish, however as I don’t use that, I figured it would be perfect for glitter since that’s always a sore subject in the polish world… Glitter Removal ugg!

*This PR product was sent to me for my unbiased review*


(So I totally stole this picture from Nicole at Polish Me, Please! Be sure to check out her review on these!! – I forgot to take a picture of the bag and applicators while still pretty before I used :/ )

The package comes with the rubber caps and the sponge applicators.

  • You are to simply gently apply NP Remover to the sponges ( damply.. be careful to not soak them )
  • Then place the sponge on your nail and put the cap on your nail, or put the sponge in the cap and put your finger in.



I had them on for about 5-10 minutes I was honestly doing other things so I can’t be certain but it was no more than 10 minutes which is about what you would do with foil anyway. Once I removed the caps there was a little to rub off with the sponge but the majority was on the pad! Oh and I must say that I use Non-Acetone for ALL my polish so this may go quicker with Acetone, I know a lot of people use straight Acetone for glitter.

I’m not gonna lie.. I did not think this product would work, so many companies have tried things and have failed but I really liked these. This absolutely allowed me to do other things without feeling like I am going to drip all over like when I do use foil. It did the job for me rather than going through about 20 cotton balls that rip to shreds trying to take of glitter. It made it much easier..

My pads were also not so bad and didn’t harden up like my cotton balls do once I’ve used them; So I can flip them or reuse these a couple of times. I definitely feel this is a product for the Glitter and/or Gel user.

If you wanna try these out for yourself and see what you think, you can purchase them here.

The original Nailmates is $14.00

Removal Pads Refill 30 count is $5.95

and Removal pads refill of 200 is only $14.95

Right now they are running a special too :



So, is this a big pet peeve for you too, removing gel or glitter? If so, would you try this product or have you already? Let me know what you thought or what you think if you end up trying. 🙂