TLR – All that glitters IS gold

Hey There! This month’s TLR pick was Siobhan’s and she chose gold for our color collab post. Anyone that knows me knows I am usually a hater of gold, however V is the ultimate gold lover. She is slowly turning me on to more and more gold looks, but shh don’t tell her I said that.

I have a couple of different options but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go with for this look. I ended up with my least favorite of the Nordic Collection which is Opi with a nice Fin-nish. This is a very ‘pearly’ gold if you will with hints of bronze not straight gold. I usually hate those types of finishes where you can see every brush stroke and this is of course no exception! LOL! I decided to gradient Cirque’s Trousseau and with that I now absolutely love it! Who’da thunk? My mani started to look very fall like so I then took my new MoYou stamp Mother Nature Plate 07 and Sally Hansen’s Forbidden fudge and added a leaf accent to each nail.

This is for you V, I hope it’s gold enough for ya 😉

IMG_7060Here is an angle picture so you can see the change and it’s a little more vibrant with the leaves

IMG_7061Lastly, this picture is a little dark but again shows the vibrancy of all colors together I absolutely love this color combo.

IMG_7064Well there is my gold mani, I don’t do em often so this shows how much I love V that I went this Gold. lol

On a side note, today as many of you know not just in the US but the rest of the world today is 9/11. Especially those of you in the US I’m sure remember exactly where you were and what you were doing this day 13 years ago, so it seems almost silly to say ‘never forget’ none of us ever will. Today though, even more so, try to remind yourself of everything you have, be grateful, call a loved one and tell them you love them, do a pay it forward deed today. Say a prayer for or just honor those that lost their lives by living yours to the fullest and being thankful that we live in a free country, as there are many that lost their lives since that day, both Military and civilians trying to keep our country safe and free. ❤


NOTD 175 – Frosty the SNOWman


Remember the Nail art Challenge I told you I was entering, well this is my first entry. (CLICK HERE TO VOTE) (voting ends Saturday the 30th I believe).  The first week’s theme was ‘snow’ I have a thing for snowmen, a lot of my Christmas decorations are snowmen or snow related. Frosty was always one of my favorite Christmas movies as a kid, who am I kidding, even as an adult… 🙂 so it was only fitting that I find a way to incorporate him in to my theme.


I painted all of my nails with two coats of Revlon – Blizzard Blue. For my pointer and pinky finger I used a snow flake stamp and stamped Essie – Aruba Blue, Essie – No place like chrome, ILNP – Indie Go, and Ulta – Snow White. For my Frosty nail I used Ulta Snow White, Barry M – Gray for his hat, China Glaze – Liquid Leather for the rim of his hat, and Loreal – Captivating Crimson for his nose. For Frosty’s scarf I used Wet N Wild Spoiled – Designated Driver and Ruffian – Foxhunt, for his flower I used Revlon Blizzard blue and Darling Diva’s Peonie, and for his pipe I used Sally Hansen’s Forbidden Fudge. Lastly for my snowy tree nail, I used Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge, and Ulta – Snow White.



So what do you think? This is week one of the Nail Art Challenge that Nail Polish Canada is hosting. Please check out the other contestants and if you like mine the best, please, please vote! (Voting ends this weekend!) CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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NOTD 163 – Animals Part 2

Hey guys, it’s hump day!! woot woot and I am off Friday so that makes my week over tomorrow. Although it’s for a sad reason, it’s to take care of my pupper she’s getting ACL surgery. One of us needs to be there at least the following day so I will be with her all weekend and then Friday. 😦 Will let you know more Friday for ‘FCF’

Today I have part two of my animal themed nails. This was the other hand of my mani from Monday, but I took so many pictures I decided to make it into a two-part post.

Here was my right hand two coats of ‘Zoya – Barbie’ and then same stamp ‘KD23’ the snake-skin using ‘Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’ and the chocolate color as an accent nail

Picture 128

Picture 132

Picture 133

Picture 134

Alright guys, that’s all for me today. I am going to do my ‘FCF’ nails tonight so that I have time before Tempest’s surgery and while she is resting sometime Friday I will post those.

Before I leave you, head on over to Amy’s over @ The Fancy Side. If you don’t already follow her you certainly need to be more on top of that! Aside from that, she is in China for two weeks and she has lots of amazing guest posts coming up while she is gone, maybe even one from me 😀 She’s also hosting a giveaway for followers only! So head on over and follow her already! 🙂

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NOTD 162 – Animals Part 1

What do you know, it’s Monday again! Ugg!

I have a two-part animal post for you guys. I got a new stamping plate and did one hand giraffe and the other snake skin. Today I will show you the giraffe design and then probably Wednesday I will show you my snake-skin one 🙂

I started out with two coats of ‘Zoya – Barbie’ and then stamped ‘KD23’ using ‘Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’

Picture 123

Picture 126

Picture 127

Picture 135

Well guys, that’s it for me, short and sweet. I will have more for you on Friday as Tempest will be getting her surgery Thursday so I will let you all know how that goes :/

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NOTD 158 – Featured Color Friday – Katherine

Happy Friday! We made it to another Friday! woohoo!

Today I have for you the last Shimmer girl I have been telling you guys about, ‘Katherine’. This the perfect Fall color. Painting Katherine totally gets me ready, I am just waiting for Fall and Halloween now! Bring it on I cannot wait! That is my favorite time of the year anyway so I am always wishing for it to come early 🙂

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

‘Katherine’ is a gorgeous bronze glitter that also has some sparse specs of brown.

Pic00ture 108Pictu00re 110

For this look, I topped two coats of ‘Katherine’ overtop two coats of ‘Sally Hansen’s – Forbidden Fudge’

Pictu00re 109

I then did a very subtle stamping look; you can see it better in some pictures than others. I stamped a snake skin pattern on my pinky using stamp ‘Wistonia w101’ and ‘Essie -Penny Talk’. I then stamped the animal paw print on top of that using ‘ Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge’.

Pictur00e 106pict00ure 112Pict00ure 111

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And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend!

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