NOTD 144 – Double stamping!

Hey guys!

So first I am going to tell you about our Target trip first from last night… So we go in to Target and as always plan on getting one or two things we need and end up with much more.. I know I am not the only one! So we walk by the kids aisles and Don suggests we get coloring books… yes I am 26 and he is 32 but although we are adults we are not quite ‘grown-ups’ yet; Don’t get me wrong we are totally responsible Adults, just like a lot of kid stuff, movies, etc. LOL So anyway, Alright that sounds fun. We stand in the aisle for about 10 minutes picking out our two books and the crayons who knew that they had so many fun kind now. So we ended up with these giant coloring sheets, I get a Hello Kitty one of course and he gets Ninja Turtles. So we go to get some snacks and Capri Suns were on sale so we got three of those, and he ran out of chocolate syrup for chocolate milk.. among a few other things. So I had to pick up my prescription (ill tell you about that in a moment) so he went to check out. When we met up at the door, he was cracking up because the woman saw the coloring pages, the awesome set of crayons, the capri suns, and the chocolate syrup and told Don how he must be a good dad. LOL So we totally do not have kids, we are just big kids ourselves! Alright, now on to the Pharmacy… So I am standing there waiting for the script and the woman behind the counter comes over and while she is ringing the script up, she asks to see my nails, she says she loves them! She then wanted to take a picture of them, It made my day! She showed me her awesome white, neon pink, and silver nails! I then whipped out my cards I had made a while back with my website on it for times just like these, and told her about the blog. I came up to meet Don all smiles and told him all about it while he told me how good of a dad he was lol!

Alright now on to my awesome nails!

So I painted two coats of “OPI – Planks A lot”. With my new stamping plate from Vivid Lacquer ‘VL – 001’ I used “Essie’s – Nothing else Metals” and used the plaid stamp. I then thought that the contrast of the shiny purple looked a little crooked and I am just too anal so I thought well let me try double stamping, I have always wanted to do that. I then took the same stamp this time using ” Sally Hansen’s – Plumm-it” and offset the stamp a bit to make this effect. I must say I LOVE it.


So I don’t know what it is, maybe the contrasting of purples here, the fact that I finally attempted double stamping, or what it is, but I absolutely adore this mani! Other than the woman at Target, I have gotten other compliments since wearing too, which is always nice 🙂




Alright that’s all the pics on my fab nails for now. Don’t forget to come back on Friday for the gorgeous “Channeling Coco by Darling Diva”

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