NOTD 56 – Sorbet

So the past few days here in NJ, especially this weekend its been very hot and humid, so last night we had a crazy storm and it was pouring so loudly, was just insane. The dogs didn’t want to go potty so we were just waiting for a few minutes to see if it would die down so that they could before bed. I went out on the front porch to check on my plants (only one casualty, one of my tomato plants 😦 ) Anyway, I come back inside to see my two dogs running from room to room chasing something, wtf. I see a flying thing on the fireplace. My fireplace wall is odd-shaped stones so “it” was perched on one of the stones. It’s dark, I’m tired, Don was already upstairs checking on something, I start screaming that there is a bat on the fireplace. Now in my defense, we do have a lot of bats in our area and it was very dark… He comes downstairs and puts the children in our bedroom while we try to deal with this now, situation.. ugh. So he gets a flashlight and shines the light on the fireplace, and to our surprise, and my relief it’s just a bird, not a bat. He then starts flying from the kitchen to the living room, and back again, he ended up in the Dining room and the media room, back to the living room, only to perch on the stones again and poop on my mantle. We finally got him to the living room, opened the door and held up blankets for walls so he could not fly past us again and go out the door(2nd of this attempt worked) lol. Only me…

So after talking about it this morning, we think that the bird must have been hiding out in my door wreath and when I went on the porch real quick he flew in the house. I didn’t see him because he flew above my head and it was pouring so loudly I didn’t hear him either… Smh


In any event, my boring nails today needed that crazy story!

I painted “Zoya – Charisma” on my ring fingers as an accent and “Sally Hanson – Mint Sorbet” on the rest. 🙂

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Day 16 Tribal Nails – 31Challenge

Good Evening all, or for some Good Morning 🙂 I have been busier than normal lately and I apologize for my lack of posts 😦

The next Day in the Nail Challenge, was pretty time-consuming, but quite fun. I looked up some Tribal nail designs on Yahoo Images and noticed that there were so many variations in colors, and designs and I just went for it.  My left hand I painted purple with “Ulta-Celebutante” and my Right hand with “Sally Hanson – Mint Sorbet. the rest of the designs were mostly freehand.

Most of the black lines were done with the technique shown in my Rainbow Challenge  The remainder of the art was with a toothpick.

The colors other than above, were “Milani – White”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “Wet N Wild – Designated Driver” and “Color Club in Lava Lamp”

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Day 15 Delicate Print – 31Challenge

I am excited about two new polishes I recently picked up, “Sally Hanson – Blizzard Blue”, (for those of you that don’t know my four-legged son’s name is Blizzard- see My About page). And “Mint Sorbet”.

Here is an update from my flower manicure, which unfortunately lasted merely two days. I think the issue was that the top coat was too thick, it cracked from my nails bending, and eventually peeled away 😦

Here is a picture of some bubbling, and a crack.

Here is a side view of the peeling of the top coat 😦

Next time I’ll try a different top coat.

Anyway, the next day of the Nail Challenge is Delicate Print. My interpretation of delicate print is, a feminine or dainty color, and small simple design. I went with “Ulta – Ginger Peach” and then used a water decal of a little swirl design on my ring fingers.

Not much more to say, so here’s the final look 🙂

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