NOTD 67 – Lush Lacquer <3

Salt and Pepa’s here, and we’re in  effect,

Want you to push it, babe

Coolin’ by day then at night working up a sweat

C’mon girls, let’s go show the guys that we know

How to become number one in a hot party show

Now push it
Oh sorry, got a little caught up in the moment 😀 It’s Friday woot woot! and I have for you my very first Indie polish.  I purchased two minis from Lush Lacquer, and the one I am showing you today is Salt n’ Peppa, hence the rambling lyrics above. (I honestly don’t know if they meant this literally salt and pepper or The Salt N’ Peppa, but of course that is the first thing that comes to my mind!) I have to say I am so mad at myself for buying the minis rather than the full size bottle! I absolutely LOVE this glitter and now I will be afraid to use it all, I must buy a full size very soon! The formula is flawless, it’s a clear with silver glitter, shimmer specks, white and black dotted glitters, black and white hexagonal glitter flakes, white and black rectangular flakes, and white and black long glitters. I only used one coat over “Julep- Kelly” and I LOVE how it turned out! “Kelly” is like the perfect pink/nude for this polish. Next time I might do it over a brighter color, maybe the “OPI – Did it on em” that might be fun ❤

Without further ado, here is one coat “Lush Lacquer – Salt n’ Pepa” atop two coats of “Julep – Kelly” topped off with “Seche Vite”

So what do you think of this glitter? And my color combo? Do you own any Lush Lacquers, if so, what is your favorite that I should try next?

PS. sorry if you will now be singing Salt N’ Peppa in your head all day now, I have been humming it since I started the blog post and it won’t leave 😀

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