NOTD 66 – Teal Ribbon Month

Cynthia and Tara inspired me to do these Teal Ribbon nails and of course Nicole as they are seran wrap nails. The month of September I knew already as Ovarian Cancer but it was only recently that I learned that the Teal Ribbon along with the month of September is PCOS and Gynecological Cancer Awareness month. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003, my mother, sister and grandmother also were diagnosed soon after. My mother has had gynecological Cancers so the Teal Ribbon is very important to me, now that I know they have designated Teal as all gynecological and PCOS Ribbon color as well.

My nails are made with the seran wrap effect with”OPI – Did it on em”, “OPI – Fly” and “Milani White”.  I don’t know how I feel about this effect just yet, think it needs some practice for sure. Then I did by hand some teal ribbons using “Fly”

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