NOTD 156 – Featured color Friday – Jasmine

As you may know by now, that is if you read my last post.. 🙂 My husband had his tonsils out Wednesday 😦 so I announced on my FB page I wouldn’t be able to introduce you to one of the remaining two Shimmer girls until possibly today. Everything went well Wednesday, he’s just been very sleepy. So while he was sleeping again yesterday I took off Cindy and put on Jasmine. 🙂

‘Shimmer – Jasmine’ to me is a thinner version of Linna. ‘Linna’ is a teal and emerald glitter mix while ‘Jasmine’ is an Aquamarine mix, side by side very similar, and both gorgeous.

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

Picture 114

Picture 106

For this look, I painted two coats of ‘Milani – Fresh Teal’ and two coats of ‘Shimmer – Jasmine’

Picture 113

I then took ‘Essie – Penny Talk’ and stamp ‘PUEEN25’ as an accent on my pinky finger.

Picture 112

Picture 110

Picture 116

Picture 111

So what do you think of this Beauty? ❤

Don’t forget:

Shimmer Polishes is on Facebook by clicking here

Her blog by clicking here

And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

Alright everyone, that’s it for me today, I will be back in a few days with the last Shimmer Beauty, ‘Katherine’, a gorgeous fall color

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NOTD 154 – Featured Color Friday – Special Sneak Peek

Happy Friday guys! Today, 9 years ago my husband and I tied the knot at the Justice of Peace in Killeen, TX; The Army town that we were living in. 🙂 Five years later with Army deployments behind us, we renewed our vows in a ‘wedding ceremony’ and reception back in Jersey shared by our closest friends and family. Nine years later, we still have the most special, strongest relationship. I don’t know what I’d do without him ❤

On another exciting note, I have a sneak peak of a new and upcoming Shimmer Polish! I received four special polishes in the mail the other day from Shimmer and of course my favorite was the one not even up for sale yet, its brand spanking new!

*This polish was sent to me for unbiased review.

I have for you, ‘Astrid’. It’s a Gorgeous light purple base, not quite clear, suspended glitter polish. the glitter flecks are all shapes, there are purples, and pinks, and my favorite the color changing ones depending on the light. Unfortunately not the best for photo taking so I did my best, I hope that the pictures can do this stunning polish justice.

Picture 1017

I used two coats of ‘Catrice – Heavy Metalilac’ on my accent finger and two coats of ‘OPI – Planks A Lot’ on the rest along with two coats of ‘Astrid’ On my accent finger, I used my new stamp, ‘Winstonia – W102′  using “Essie – Nothing else metals’

Picture 1040

Here is the look:

Picture 014Picture 016Picture 034

Isn’t this color just stunning? Here are the final two pics of just the beauty itself.

Picture 1019Picture 1020

Shimmer Polishes was started on just the pure obsession of polish just like the rest of us. She however makes AMAZINGLY gorgeous glitter polishes. I for one couldn’t even dream up some of these beauties. All of the Shimmer polishes are named after family and friends that she draws inspiration from.

Shimmer Polishes is on Facebook by clicking here

Her blog by clicking here

And most importantly, where you can buy these pretties, on the Etsy website

Although Astrid is not up for sale yet, don’t fret I am getting the word that it’s very soon, so keep checking the blog and FB page for updates! 🙂

Well Ladies … and a few gents.. That is all that I have for you today, I will be back with Jasmine, Katherine, and Cindy next week 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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NOTD 130 – Pink Lemonade

It seems like I haven’t posted in forever.. 😦

First, I will start with an update to the ‘Essie – Nail stickers’ , these things….. SUCKED! I put them on, on Wednesday morning I believe it was, and by Thursday on the plane they were already lifting up and peeling off. It was more of a nail sticker than a lacquer sticker like some others. Although the design was neat, I won’t be buying this brands ‘stickers’ again.


As most of you know by now the reason for my not posting much this last week, was that I went to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my new nephew in North Carolina. I left Thursday morning and came home Saturday night and had things to do around house before I left. I had such a nice time with my family and my new and first nephew 🙂 He is a little over a month old now and just too damn cute!

While away, my polishes I ordered from ‘Smitten Polish’ came in. My husband texted me a picture of them that simply said “your loots came” and I got so excited!! I purchased, “Winter is Coming“, “Pink Lemonade II”, and “Bluebird II”.

I first applied the ‘Pink Lemonade II’ and thought it was too sheer for my particular taste. The polish is gorgeous on its own don’t get me wrong, I am just personally not a fan of nail lines. I used “Ulta – Cream of the crop” as underwear as it matched very closely. I painted two very thin coats of ‘Cream of the Crop’ and then two – three thin coats of ‘Pink Lemonade II’ on each finger. On my left hand only, I did an accent nail using “Urban Decay – Hot Mess” a bright pink I thought would bring out the bright pink sequins in the Lemonade polish.

Here’s how it came out:


And now for those of you that wish to see, here are a few pics from my trip.. 🙂 Never got to take a good one with my sister and/or brother-in-law 😦 just my nephew.

This first one is from when I first got there.


Next is Thomas I am pretty sure trying to blow me kisses.. lol 🙂


And finally just a big ol’ smile


And on that happy picture, Have a good day everyone!

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NOTD 71 – Shimmer Polish

I am a little out-of-order here, I had this on my nails last week and did not post as I wanted to get my 9/11 mani up and then I had to edit and pick out the pics I liked the best. Unfortunately I took these pics before I found out that awesome new feature on my camera.. because this was another polish hard to capture. It had so much blue and so much purple hues that all my camera wanted to pick up were the blue hues, either way it’s gorgeous!

First is two pics of it with one coat of “Shimmer – Gerry” over two coats of “OPI Nicole’s – Back to Reality TV”

Next up is the finished product(2c over 2c) As I stated this was prior to me finding out that one setting or lighting feature in my camera so there are a few shots of me trying to get the color to show just right on the camera, here goes 😀

I even tried to hold a blue pen or putting my hands over a purple background to see if you could pick up the purples.. no such luck, so here is my fabulous blue pen shot! haha

Also please excuse the wear.. this was also taken after a few days of wear, I didn’t wrap and I was taking photos in every lighting angle for days determined to show the right colors. So some pictures are more worn than others.

Overall, Gerry as all Shimmer polishes I have tried so far, was absolutely fabulous, excellent formula, very easy to work with and manipulate.

What do you think? What are your favorite Shimmer colors if you have tried them already?


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Purchases and things

My mom and I had a Lia Sophia book party and with your sales you can earn free jewelry, which we did. I had gotten three rings, a bracelet, a necklace and a pair of earrings. My rings were a size too small and the earrings just did not look right on my little ear lobes, so I exchanged the earrings for the necklace below and my rings finally came in!!

The next thing was an actual purchase, and it was from Ninja Polish it’s a “Ninja Polish color named Alexandrite” This is an Emerald shifting to purple color. It says to paint over dark colors to really get the full effect, I cannot wait to try this. I did a swatch over nothing on one of my swatch tips and it’s simply gorgeous. However another one of those colors that will simply be impossible to capture in a photo, we shall see it kept coming up green in the pic 😦

Next up is a stamping plate that I also got from Ninja Polish

Next was my second Indie Polish, “Hit Polish” I got ” Jack-O’-Lantern” and “Snozzberry” I have not tried these yet, only on my nail swatches and they are gorgeous, I will swatch “Jack-O’-Lantern” closer to Halloween where I will do a bunch of Halloween manis as that is my favoritist time of the year. 🙂 “Snozzberry” swatches are soon to come.

Next up is “Gerry” from “Shimmer Polish” along with a sneak peek of a swatch of it (prior to my NOTD post about it)

So here is the sneak peek… no matter What I did, inside, outside, flash, no flash, right under lights, shading, in the car, in the sun, overtop purple backgrounds, overtop blue backgrounds…. the color continuously showed up as a blue with glitter. Although I painted this atop “OPI Nicole – Back to Reality TV” I painted two coats, and I feel it’s more purple. but it certainly has a lot of blue glitter too. See for yourself Linda over at Shimmer does describe it as a “Violet Purple Navy Blue glitter polish”

The formula was great, this is two coats over “Back to Reality TV” covered it for the most part. beautiful glitters. She has gorgeous shades to offer you should check her out, I am starting my list now, of next colors to get from “Shimmer”.

Last purchase and certainly not least 😀 is my very first one, it was from “LUSH Lacquer”, I got “Salt N’ Peppa” and “Slumber Party” To see the swatch of “Salt N’ Peppa” click here: I am so mad at myself that I only got minis of these because I simply LOVE “Salt N’ Peppa” so far, I have not tried “Slumber Party” just yet. I am like so afraid to use it because I don’t want it to end!! I already have a wish list of this line going 😀

That is all for now. 😀

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