The Lacquer Ring – Teal

It’s finally Thursday! This week feels like it has just drug on so badly. Perhaps it’s partly from me working through lunch the last few days being completely and utterly beyond swamped. 😦 Just because it’s Thursday that doesn’t mean that the swamp-ness has gotten better just that it’s almost over and time for a break 😉

With that being said, I had totally forgotten that today was our bi-weekly post and almost wasn’t able to participate. I decided that I would at least do a quick 4 finger mani because I couldn’t be late again 😦 lol  This month is Amy’s pick and for her color she chose Teal.

I have so many teals to choose from however one sticks out as my favorite and was a quick dry, so win-win.  I painted one coat of OPI’s Fly just to have some undies and then one thick coat of Shimmer’s Strength. This teal beauty can either be worn with undies or on it’s own. Stand alone takes about 2-3 coats or just a few thick ones to become opaque. With the undies this was just one coat of Strength.


So what do you think Super glittery right, how can you go wrong!

What’s your favorite teal, or perhaps if not a teal what is your favorite go-to color?

NOTD 147 – Featured Color Friday – Concrete Evidence

Woohoo!!! Finally Friday. Last week flew by and this week felt like it drug on and on and on and on and on…. jeez!

Today I have “Ulta – Concrete Evidence” a light gray with a top gradient using “Shimmer – Strength”

Some of the pictures the lighting of the teal glitter makes the gray appear more blue, you will see in some though that it’s actually the light gray color. I absolutely love this pale gray and this glitter, OMG one of my favorites. ‘Strength’ is a PCOS, Ovarian and anything Teal awareness polish. I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2005 so this polish is especially special to me. ❤






Well that is all for me today, another quick post 🙂


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