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I was able to schedule my Stamping Saturday look before my trip but didn’t have time to do Textured Tuesday this week. šŸ˜¦ Don’t forget to check out Amy’s blog for everyone elses look.

I did these nails at my sister’s I used Essie’s no prenupĀ as a base, one coat. Then I painted free hand the diagonalĀ blue shape using Salon Perfect Baby Blues. Once fully dry I stamped the fish netĀ design over the blue only using Sinful Colors Blackest Black, finally outlined it with the same black free-handed with a nail art brush.

I tried to get more pictures with my camera once I got home since this was taken with my phone, but it chipped just as I was going to, and I don’t have this blue šŸ˜¦


Here are a few pics of my nephew Thomas!

ThisĀ is the Thomas the Tank Engine hat I got him for his Birthday. He was finally keeping it on here.


Here’s his Awesome Auntie outfit šŸ™‚


And this pic was taken as soon as I got there šŸ™‚


So I did manage to, well my B-I-L and I managed to actually surprise my sister! šŸ™‚ I had such a nice time spending it with the three of them even if only for a few days.

Until next time… šŸ™‚


Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color Review – NOTD 50

For those of you that read myĀ Influenster Vox Box Post yesterday, you saw that I was a lucky InfluensterĀ and got picked to receiveĀ the Summer 2012 box. In it, I received some awesome products that I just cannot wait to try, but of course the nail polish came first. I got “Sally Hansen’s Magnetic Nail Color in Graphite Gravity”. I have used Layla’s Magneffect product before so I will be comparing it to that a bit and giving you my honest opinion

*Disclaimer: this product was given to me review however the opinions are solely my own.

As with the other Polish brands that have done the Magnetic lines, it comes in many colors, “Golden Conduct, Polar Purple, Silver Elements, Kinetic Copper, Red-y Response, Ionic Indigo, Electric Emerald, and Graphite Gravity”

I alsoĀ received one of my stamping plates (HelloĀ Kitty)Ā in the mail,Ā that I had ordered last week from Amazon. So I decided to incorporate that also into this look/post.

So, as I said I haveĀ tried the Layla Magneffect nail polish and one of the things I liked about the Sally Hansen one was, that the directions differed. The Sally Hansen one wants you to paint a thin coat of polishĀ on all ten nails (or in my case, 8) and let it dry. Then paint a thicker coat one by one, andĀ hold the cap with the magnetic strip over your finger (there is even a little guide for your finger) for 10 seconds and voila you have your magnetic design.

The formula was thick which was to be expected but certainly not a downer, not hard to work with at all,Ā I didn’t think. I liked thatĀ it instructed you paintĀ that thin coat first as with the Layla (unless I did it wrong) when you held the magnet cap over the polish, it tended to pull the polish so much to make the design that it looked like you didn’t have polish on in some spots. With the Sally Hansen one I did not have that at all. šŸ˜€

Another pleasant surprise was, that the bottle was like a darkish silver color, I thought that when I held the magnet that the design would be white, I was pleased to see that it actually turned black and pulled the silver to make the design. I liked theĀ polish much better that way. There is another color however that looks like it isĀ silver with the whitish design if that is more your style.

I would for sure,Ā purchaseĀ this in other colors, especially for the price, it was a great product, was easy to work with, so long as you don’t accidentally hold the magnet too close that it hits the strip and you get a chip. :/ but that is with any polish or magnetic polish.

I painted “Sonia Kashuk’s – Dream of Genie” on my ring fingers for accent. I used “Sinful Colors Blackest Black” for the Hello Kitty Nail Stamp.

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31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 31 – Favorite challenge

I am packing for a weekend down the shore, so I will make this quickĀ šŸ™‚ plus this post was already technically done before in detail.

So I asked my viewers what look they wanted recreated for this day and the vote was the nails inspired by fashion. Well, here it is. I did a little twist from my original post, not too much difference.Ā Rather than doing straight diagonalĀ lines, I used my manicure tape pieces and did a half diagonal curved line and on my thumbs a regular curbed manicure tip. Polishes used were “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black” and “Julep – Emma” Enjoy!

P.S. … YAY my nails are getting long again =)

On a side note.. since this was such a short post. I also did my toesiesĀ with my new gems. I painted with “Essie Vermillionaire” and a flowerĀ stamp with “L’Oreal Violet Vixen” and deep pink gems in the center of the flowers. This was done on my big toe the rest were just plain orange.

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Day 29 Supernatural – 31Challenge

The Challenge is almost over! šŸ˜¦Ā I have to wonder, will I lose inspiration after this, not having defined for me what to do each day… I sure hope not šŸ˜›

I did someĀ searching around,Ā to see what others did for their Supernatural Day. I saw some Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts.. and I that got me thinking…Ā I didn’t want to do just any old ghost. So I did Zero and OogieĀ Boogie from one of my favorite movies, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Now in some argumentsĀ OogieĀ could be a stretch, but I think he’s kind of a ghost in a sense, he’s somewhat Supernatural so he fits, if not, I am bending the rules šŸ˜€

For OogiesĀ coloring, I went for more of the Glow in the Dark OogieĀ Green, for when he glows in the dark in the movie, and I used a mixture of “MilaniĀ NEON – Fresh Teal”, “Julep – Sophia”, “MilaniĀ – White” and “Orly – Lucky Duck” and then “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”

for Zero I used “MilaniĀ – White”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “E.l.f. – Medium Red” for his collar, and “Essie – Vermillionaire” for his Pumpkin nose.

The base color for all of the nails is “OPI – Planks A Lot”

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Day 27 Artwork – 31Challenge

My favorite painting is Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh. My husband found a company online, that re-creates original paintings, and he got me this painting for my Birthday a few years ago. It came rolled up on the canvas and we went to get it framed to match the bedroom, this hangs above my vanity šŸ˜€

So naturally, I just had to use this as my Artwork Inspiration:

So again, keep in mind I am no artist, again referring back to DrawSomething… My right hand was a dud, so I am not even bothering with pictures of that, however I did not think that my left hand came out too bad, see what you think šŸ˜€ I only did accent fingers for this look.

The polishes that I chose were, “Essie – Aruba Blue”, “nail-aid peeling nail base coat”, “Essie – Vermillionaire”, “UltaĀ – Cream of the Crop”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “MilaniĀ – White”, and “Seche Vite’Ā Top Coat”

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Day 25 Inspired by Fashion – 31Challenge

I will start with an update on my nails, they are growing slowly but surely šŸ™‚ not complete stubs anymore, on another note, I cracked my big toe nail right up the side so the one of those is all short now… ::sigh::

For the Fashion Inspiration, I chose Stella McCartney. I love how she uses a lot of black sheer with black polka dots in her “little black dress” looks. I found a couple of her looks to show you my inspiration, that can be seen by clicking here.

Here is my look :

For this look, I painted the “Julep – Emma” in the morning before work so that it had plenty of time to dry as I planned on using the taping technique. Then last night, I did one nail at a time and topped it off with “Seche Vite’ ”Ā so it dried right away and I could move on without having to worry about smudging it. I put a piece of tape, (actually I use address labels and cut them, same thing), on my nail. I did my pinky and Ring Finger points facing each other and myĀ pointer and middle, facing each other. Once I was done with the tape and black, I used my dotting tools to make different size dots and topped it off with the top coat.Ā All of the nails used the same technique. For my thumb,Ā the only difference was,Ā since I did two angles, I put a little “Seche Vite’ ” over the first diagonal and came back to it, so that I could put tape on it without having to worry about it ripping the black off, and did the other angle, and dots same way.

The Colors I used were, the “nail-aid – Peeling Nail Base Coat”, “Julep – Emma”, and “Blackest Black by Sinful Colors” The top Coat I used was “Seche Vite'”

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Day 24 Inspired by a Book – 31Challenge

This look was Inspired by a book. The colors I used were “Blackest Black – by Sinful Colors”, “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending”, Ā and “Zoya – Shawn”

Why blacks and greens you ask? Well you see I am in mourning, over my fingernails… šŸ˜„ As you may have seen from doing my nails so much, my nails were peelingĀ until I got this great baseĀ coat. However I never trimmed off the original cracked, damaged tips. I just did that and I hate them. I was doing so good with keeping them long and healthy and then now they are so short again and I am NOT Happy… but hey, I’ll grow them out again : )

Anyway the book I chose was a series of R.L. Stine, Children horror books. I remember reading these as a kid and I loved them šŸ™‚

If you are not farmiliar with the Goosebumps Series, you can see it here:

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Makeup.com Blog Feature

Friday Night, Kristen Oldham GiordaniĀ an L.A. based beauty editor and writer for Makeup.com, contacted me and wanted to feature my Blog and this look for her weekly column there!

I am so happy and honored that she liked my look enough to want to share it with more people from their website and her column. I have created a link to the article here.

Thank you so much Kristen!

Here is another peek at that days Challenge for those of you that missed it šŸ™‚

Inspiration from a Song:Ā This challenge was so fun, to try to think of different songs for inspiration, I love music, all different genres from all different eras. šŸ™‚Ā My inspiration wasĀ “Neon Trees – Animal”Ā  and the look is Neon Animal print.

Ā The polishes I chose for this were: “China Glaze – Pink Voltage (neon)” and “ZoyaĀ – Charisma” for me left hand with “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”. My Right hand was “OPI – Fly (NickiĀ MinajĀ collection)” with “Essie – Vermillionaire” and “Blackest Black” I used “nail-aid – Peeling Nail” as a base and then white as a wonderful tip fromĀ  NicoleĀ šŸ™‚ I also am now a “Seche Vite addict” I bought a sample of this at Image Beauty last week and it is amazing! It dries so fast! Way faster than the drying drops!!


Can I just say, before I show you the polishes, and the final look how hard it was to try to capture the neon and brightness of these colors!! šŸ˜¦ They are muchĀ brighter in person.

And here are a few different views of the finished look šŸ™‚

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Day 23 Inspired by a Movie – 31Challenge

I would like to start by saying,Ā  Again, that I am in LOVE with SecheĀ Vite’! When I did my Drying Drops articles and posts, many bloggers recommendedĀ it, but I just couldn’tĀ see spending the money on a new top coatĀ yet when I had just purchased the drops. Last week, I gave in, they had little minis at the Register of Image Beauty.Ā  When I tell you this top coat dries in SECONDS I mean seconds! I tried it on the neon the other day and thought that maybe it was just because neon dries quickly anyway. After doing theseĀ nail arts and anyone that has worked with black polish can tell you how it bleeds or drags when you do top coat, I did not even wait for it to dry, put the top coat and WHAM Dry! wootz!

Anyway, onto the look, here we go šŸ™‚ I am certainly no artist, if you play Draw Something with me you will know I draw stick figures šŸ™‚

Here is a closer look of the nails:

And here is my inspiration:

Movie Images Provided by Google Images Search

The Polishes that I used were, “nail-aid Peeling Nails” as the base for all, Some of the nails were “Revlon – CoastalĀ Surf” as base, one was “Elf – Medium Red” and “Spoiled Wet N Wild – Designated Driver” and “Julep – Kelly” The remaining colors were used for the art including some of the ones already listed “Elf – Light Red” , “Sally Hanson – Purple Pulse” “Julep – Oscar” “MilaniĀ – white”, “Essie – Vermillionaire”, “OPI – Planks A lot”, “ZoyaĀ – Shawn” , “Sinful Colors – Happy Ending”, “Ulta – Concrete Evidence”, “OPI – Fly”, Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”

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Day 16 Tribal Nails – 31Challenge

Good Evening all, or for some Good Morning šŸ™‚ I have been busier than normal lately and I apologize for my lack of posts šŸ˜¦

The next DayĀ in the Nail Challenge, was prettyĀ time-consuming, but quite fun. I looked up some Tribal nail designs on Yahoo Images and noticed that there were so many variations in colors, and designs and I just went for it.Ā  My left hand I painted purple with “Ulta-Celebutante” and my Right hand with “Sally Hanson – Mint Sorbet. the rest of the designs were mostly freehand.

Most of the black lines were done with the technique shown in my Rainbow ChallengeĀ  The remainder of the art was with a toothpick.

The colors other than above, were “Milani – White”, “Sinful Colors – Blackest Black”, “Wet N Wild – Designated Driver” andĀ “Color Club in Lava Lamp”

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