NOTD – Snow Much Fun

So the Wonderful State of New Jersey… really the East Coast is expecting another whopper of a Snow Storm today in to tomorrow… and when I say whopper I mean 8-10 or 10+ inches… or at least that’s what the weather people are saying. I hate watching the news with these types of things because each channel has a different ‘prediction’ one says 4-6 inches, one says 12+ inches, one says 8-10.. one channel says it’s going to start at Noon, another at 4, it’s just insanity.

I thought that (2c) KB Shimmer’s Snow Much Fun would be perfect for this occasion. I paired it overtop 2 thin coats of Revlon’s Coastal Surf.

Picture 210

Picture 212

Picture 213

Picture 217

So this gorgeous polish was a little gift from my Almost Birthday Twin Frosso! It’s jelly-like so that is why I paired it overtop Coastal Surf which was just about as perfect of a match as I think possible. It’s got all kinds of fun, glittery specs and even some snowflakes! The formula was really easy to work with, you did however have to really did for the snowflakes, at least in my bottle. How could you not love this polish though!

Well… As this is posting, the snow has already begun, and they said 1-2 inches per hour, so I will most likely be snowed in tomorrow! Woohoo Snow Day! (Hopefully!)

Bumble the abominable SNOWman nails

I know it might seem a little early for some of you for Christmas or snow nails… but I have entered in a Nail art contest! This weeks theme is anything snow related. I chose “Bumble- the abominable Snowman” from the CLASSIC stop motion Christmas Movie, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Polishes used were “Sephora by OPI – Underwater Fantasy”, “milani – white”, “Barry M – Dark grey” mixed with “Sinful Colors – black” , and “Essie – No Place like chrome” .

  • For the nails with his “fur”, I painted one coat of the “Underwater Fantasy” to give some depth. I then put a couple of drops of  white on a plate and dipped a brush and made sponge like motions for a sponging effect (that took two coats).
  • For Bumble himself, after I did the first two steps from above, I used a tiny brush to paint his lip using “Underwater Fantasy” with a little bit of white mixed in, then white for his teeth, his nostrils were the gray and black mixed, then finally his eyes.
  • For the star I used a dotting tool for center using silver then a tiny brush to make the points
  • I used a dotting tool for all of the white snowflakes and a tiny brush for the star in the sky on my pinky finger.

What do you think?

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the contestants and vote 😀 It only takes a sec, it asks for your name your email and then there is a drop down and you select Mae’s Beauty Reports(or if you like someone elses better 😦 ). Thank you everyone!!! Voting Ends Sunday November 25th so get your votes in!

Keep in mind there are three rounds, so I will be back next week and the following week again asking for your votes, thank you so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤