HMOTD 9 – Jack and Sally

Happy Halloween everyone!

I’m back! We are safe, thankfully Hurricane Sandy didn’t do too much damage to my area. My work however does not have power so we have been off since Monday. Tomorrow even with no power we are being asked to go in and they have the back up generators, so this should be fun!.. In any event I am disappointed that I didn’t get to do as many Halloween Mani’s as I originally anticipated. Our Halloween party was Saturday just before the storm (pics to come) so I didn’t do my nails all week, I was cleaning and preparing. So finally with having some time off I tried to catch up on about a week and a halfs worth of TV and blogs lol, and today finally got around to my nails ( Due to all of the cleaning, please ignore my nubs, they got destroyed this last week.) 😦

I saved The Nightmare Before Christmas nails for last. I used “China Glaze – Liquid Leather” and white striping tape for Jack’s suit nails, and for Sally’s dress nails, “e.l.f. – pink purple”, “China Glaze – liquid leather” “OPI – Fly”, ” Spoiled Wt N’ Wild – Don’t Be Cheesy”


So what do you think of my final Halloween nails? If you are dressing up, what costume did you choose this year?

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Halloween wreath

For those of you that have been reading my blog lately, or that know me, know that I LOVE Halloween, more than anything!  I also LOVE ANYthing Tim Burton, especially “The Nightmare Before Christmas” For those of you that don’t know its a film about a bunch of Halloween characters living in Halloween Town. Jack, one of the main characters, The Pumpkin King, has grown tired of the same routine year after year. Wandering in the forest, he accidentally opens a portal to Christmas Town. He gets so excited at what he sees he sends minions to capture Santa so that the town can do their own Christmas. 😀 It’s a Tim Burton, Disney Classic!

So anyway… my bestie Gina makes these amazing Deco mesh wreaths. If you have never seen this type check some out on Pinterest they are so neat! She made some for the girls at work, etc and once I saw their Halloween/fall ones, I just had to have my twist on my very own Halloween wreath. I ordered the decorations and told her the color scheme and she came up with this amazing wreath!! check it out for yourself! You can find some of her other wreaths on Pinterest at Gina2073