NOTD 72 – The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

Today I have for you “Snozzberry” as glitter topper by “Hit Polish” overtop three coats of “Nina Pro – Cobalt”, before I continue I would just like to share how excited I was that I got “Cobalt” for $1.27. Yes, that is correct, they were $4.19 a piece, I got this blue and another color , they had a sale running that if you bought two, you could save a dollar. I also had a coupon for $5 dollars off making my total purchase for two polishes $2.55 I could not even believe it, Cynthia would be so proud! Anyway back to the polish…

The formula for the “Nina Pro” was decent but it was very jelly, I put three coats and I will show you in the picture you can still see my nail line. “Snozzberry’s” formula was okay. it wasn’t great but it certainly wasn’t the worst I have had, it was a little hard to work with not much liquid just a great big glitter bomb, so it’s definitely a formula you have to work with for sure. The glitter is very pretty lots of different colors and once you play with it a bit it will go on smoothly.

So here is three coats of “Cobalt” with one coat of “Snozzberry and you can see the nail line which I am not a fan of, so I ended up with two coats of “Snozzberry” to cover that 😀

Here is the finished look 🙂

You can see in this picture, my natural nail line a little and you can see some shrinkage on the index and thumb from “SV” 😦

So what do you think of this glitter bomb? What is one of your favorite glitters, any brand?

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