EOTD 29 – Cobalt cat eye

Happy Monday! I know, oxymoron… :/

Before we get to the make up look, week three of the nail challenge is this week. I should be getting an email later today with this final weeks (before grand prize week) topic. Don’t forget to click here to go vote,(Hopefully for me. 😀 ) for week two. Voting for week two closes Wednesday, December 5th 🙂

Now, for today’s look, I tried something a little different and quite time-consuming… lol. A while back I got these “Eye Rock – eye tattoo” things in one of my Birchbox. Unfortunately most of the reviews of other Birchbox users stated that they didn’t stick, or last all day, which mine did not either.. I had gotten the idea back then and never got a chance to try it until now. Once you take the ‘sticker’ off of the paper you are left with a sort of stencil. I, (not easily) stuck that to each eye and traced inside of it with my liquid liner. Once the ‘stencil’ was removed I had to go back over it and define it more.

Here’s what I used:

“Urban Decay primer potion”

“Eye Rock – eye tattoo” as stencil

“Avon Extra Lasting Eye liner in Cobalt”

“Too Faced – After Glow in Lust” on lid

topped off with “Urban Decay – Super Curl Curling Mascara”



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EOTD 19 – Plum Craze

Storybook Apothecary posted a really good post yesterday about some great and free photo editing sites. Now I am not one to alter my pictures entirely, however if I have a cut on my finger, or a red mark on my face, or even just to brighten the photo a little more than my camera can so that you see what I see… I am a total fan of editing. So I used it a little, made the color a little crisper again to make you see what I saw, just a little more advanced than my camera, then I messed around with some cool fonts for my watermark, and then a little blur to put a focus on the picture. I really liked the Pixlr Express, that is the one I used. I cannot wait to try it out in more detail for future posts. 😀 What are your thoughts on photo editing?

For this look I used my new “Avon Metallic liquid eyeliner in Plum Craze” and “Too Faced – After Glow in Lust” topped off with “Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara”

So what do you think of this look and the minor editing? Is minor editing okay? What are your thoughts?


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EOTD13 – Purples

I was never big into make up, I had a lot of it sure, but they were all very neutral colors, beiges, light browns, etc. I was never wearing the “right” colors. About five years ago, I went to a Mary Kay Makeover Session with my Consultant at the time Wendy. She told me, “You have green eyes, let me find the purple palette for you” My eyes grew wide and I could feel the panic slowly grow inside of me. Purple! o m g, What am I going to do with that. There were other Consultants with their guests as well. and a Woman stood at the front and guided us through this Mary Kay Palette that lie before us. They showed us how to apply different looks with the palettes. The look honestly did not look too bad… until I got home. I realised that I looked like I had a black eye because the lighting was terrible in the restaurant.I just kept applying, and applying, and applying… wow.

I learned a few lessons that night: Make sure your lighting is good. Even to this day, there are days where my bedroom lighting is off and I get into the car, or downstairs and realise I need more blending. The Second is that color is your friend and frankly not going to kill me. As I said I was so scared at first, and still kind of am for very bold colors, but I have broken out into the purple world, some greens, blues, darker shades etc. There are certainly still shades that I tend to shy away from as I am not skilled enough to make it work, but I will get there.


In any event, ever since that day I have been drawn to, but certainly not limited to Purples. I have many a purple shade and liner in my collection. Perhaps I will need to do a Make up Collection Post here as I did my Polish Addiction (which desperately needs to be re-done, many more polishes, and I painted the shelf!!)

This look was created with:

“UD Primer Potion”

“Too Faced After Glow in Lust” on entire lid

“Terra Bronzer eye shadow in Lilac Pearl” on crease

and “Jemma Kidd liquid liner in Drama”

topped off with “UD Super Curl Curling Mascara”

Much more of my subtle purple looks, but still purple nonetheless. 😀

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