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Day 15 Delicate Print – 31Challenge

I am excited about two new polishes I recently picked up, “Sally Hanson – Blizzard Blue”, (for those of you that don’t know my four-legged son’s name is Blizzard- see My About page). And “Mint Sorbet”.

Here is an update from my flower manicure, which unfortunately lasted merely two days. I think the issue was that the top coat was too thick, it cracked from my nails bending, and eventually peeled away 😦

Here is a picture of some bubbling, and a crack.

Here is a side view of the peeling of the top coat 😦

Next time I’ll try a different top coat.

Anyway, the next day of the Nail Challenge is Delicate Print. My interpretation of delicate print is, a feminine or dainty color, and small simple design. I went with “Ulta – Ginger Peach” and then used a water decal of a little swirl design on my ring fingers.

Not much more to say, so here’s the final look 🙂

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