NOTD 138 – Glitter Gal

Hey guys, I know I know, I am a slacker… I promised a fun post after my beauties from Ninja Polish on Friday and I failed… Sorry for the Epic Failure. In any event, they came and they are beauties and I have some of them to show you today!

I wanted so much to use my new and first ever Glitter gal “holographic Bondi Blue” I tried it first with no underwear and it was still a little sheer even after three coats so I chose “Essie – bikini so teeny” as it’s underwear, two coats of each. on my index finger I stamped in a heart using “Zoya – Charla” and then painted it in to make darker.

This first picture was taken outside but it’s a lot more muted the holo doesn’t come out as much. This way you can see the blue color on its own and basically what it looks like not under bright lights or in the sun.


Now the rest are all taken either outside or under my lightbox light to really get the holo effect.


Well guys, there you have it. Next up is a hot pink with “Catrice – even more metalilac” anyone have this or metalilac? I am having an issue with bubbling I need to address! lol

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NOTD 106-Featured Color Friday – Charla

Yay! It’s Friday! As promised, I have one of the other Zoyas to share with you, “Charla” I don’t have much to say today, so I will just right on to the gorgeous polish 😀


This next one is kind of blurry but I just loved how sparkly and shimmery it looked 🙂


Well guys, that’s it for me today, quick post 😀 lots of pics. I did pick up “OPI’s Nail Envy” yesterday after multiple suggestions, I used it for this mani and will continue, I will do a full report in a few weeks of how it’s worked for me.

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NOTD 104/105 – Fail Storm

As most of you saw the first week of January, Zoya hosted this amazing sale! Get three Zoya colors for only the shipping of $10.00 It seems like forever ago…. I just got mine after impatiently waiting! LOL One of the colors I wanted is of course a very popular color and was backordered. The polishes arrived today and just in time too!

Yesterday, I painted a design with “Deborah Lippmann – Strange Love” as the base, I then used some nail art tape and made some designs using “Zoya – Kissy” I didn’t like the contrast, it was way too close and you couldn’t see Strange Love in between. I took “Milani – nail art in silver glitter” and painted some stripes to frame it off. I didn’t HATE it, but I certainly didn’t love it. After one day, my polish all started to chip off so of course, I then hated it. I did not have this problem with “New Flesh” so I am not sure if it’s my base coat or “strange love”.

In any event here is one crappy picture of, the one day mani ,as I was not able to take pics with my lightbox before it chipped.

Picture 1011116

Okay so now onto the best part 😀

So my 3 Zoya’s I got were, “Storm”, “Charla”, and “Suri”. Since “Storm” is so sought after of course I had to try that one first. I will pick one of the others for this weeks ‘Featured Color Friday’

Here I am holding “Charla”

Picture 1111109

Picture 1111110Picture 1111107Picture 1011118

Picture 111115

Isn’t this color fabulous!!!!

So back to the base coat, I will leave you off with a question: What base coat does everyone use? I have been using nailtiques or Nailtek to help with the chipping and peeling but it doesn’t seem to keep the polish on. Other base coats I was using kept the polish on but my nails were cracking and peeling. So tell me what you use 🙂 I think I need to switch it up a bit here..

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