The Lacquer Ring – Unicorns Unite!

You have seen us all now for many weeks for our ‘Stamping Saturday’ looks, and on occasion its counterpart that didn’t quite take, ‘Textured Tuesday’ we are back with an all new endeavor.  After many weeks of texts/emails we have finally all voted and decided on our official group name.  The Lacquer Ring!

We are a group of crazy polish chicks who spend way too much time emailing each other all day long about polish, life, woes and more polish. While we haven’t all technically met in person (except for Cynthia & Lesley and Me, Amy, & Frosso), we are pretty good friends and hope that we can all meet one day. Unfortunately, the universe will end that day because that much awesomeness is not allowed all in one place. While you may already know the ladies who make up The Lacquer Ring, let me introduce them all, Including myself the other girls are: (PS totally took this last part from Cynthia because it was not only totally brilliant but absolutely true and couldn’t have said it better!)

Amy from The Fancy Side

Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly

Jessica from Once Upon A Polish

Lesley from IG @MisfitLesley

Nicole from Polish Me, Please!

Siobhan from For The Love Of Nail Art

Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer

Our newest collaboration will be a bi-weekly post. Each month one of the girls is designated to pick both a color theme and a design/nail art theme for us all to participate together in a post. First up is Nicole for the month of May. She sent us all this polish to do a group post to announce our newest venture to you all. It’s Unicorn Bubbles by Candy Lacquer.


As soon as I got this polish I just could not wait to try it out so I did it overtop Zoya Darcy (which I also got from Nicole) so this look is from a few weeks ago. I did my accent nail with Darling Diva’s LE Miracle Cure

Picture 197

Picture 194

I just love how it made the Bubbles pop more made them appear to be brighter when in reality on their own are more of a pastel.

So knowing that we were scheduling this post for today I had wanted to try this over a pastel and did so last night. I did my left hand with Jessica’s Strawberry Shake it. Can I just say how much I absolutely love this bubble glitter overtop this pink, like I do not want to take it off love…

Picture 202

Picture 199

Picture 205

And finally, I was experimenting and trying to see what it would look like over other colors and so my right hand I used Jessica’s Barely Blueberry and this was how it turned out…

Picture 204

I didn’t hate it, it definitely looks more pastel overtop the blue and the pink, but I prefer it over the pink way better.

Well this was a longer post than normal! Lots of info, lots to look forward to hopefully you agree! 🙂 I will be back here for Stamping Saturday. The Official start date to the new Lacquer Ring bi-weekly posts is May 8th

Here’s the Rest of the Lacquer Ring gang

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NOTD 128 – Featured Color Friday – Gemma

It’s Friday!! woot woot! 🙂 So this week is a featured color brought to you by the lovely Frosso. My Birthday twin got me this polish back in December for my Birthday. It’s “Zoya – Gemma” and it really is a gem. This is an odd color for me, I don’t have anything else like it, it’s not my normal go to, but I saw it on others and just fell in love with it. It’s an olivey type of green with little hints of blue shimmer, you can kind of see it shimmering in the flash spots on the pictures below. This is three thin coats of the color.


I also got this fabulous two-fingered ring that I am simply in love with last weekend at NY and Company. I have been looking for a two-fingered ring for a while now, and what better ring, its like it was made for me as it’s a bow. (Speaking of which I just got some new custom bows in from Em’s shop I can’t wait to show you)


Alright guys, that’s all for now. 🙂 Have a good weekend!

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NOTD 110 – Featured Color Friday – Suri

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I will do a few Valentine’s themed nails. Today I started out by featuring Suri and turned it into the theme.

I got “Zoya – Suri” a few weeks ago during the ‘Zoya 3 promo’. I painted two thin coats of “OPI – Nail Envy” as my base, (which I am loving so far by the way!!), then two thin coats of “Zoya – Suri”. Once try, on both my ring and pointer fingers on both hands, I stamped using “Essie – No place like Chrome” and my “Cheeky Stamp -CH53” to stamp the beating hearts.


This purple is gorgeous, you can see especially in this picture the multiple facets to it, some blue and some pink very, very fine shimmer to make the purple pop even more.



What do you think of my Valentine’s mani?


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NOTD 106-Featured Color Friday – Charla

Yay! It’s Friday! As promised, I have one of the other Zoyas to share with you, “Charla” I don’t have much to say today, so I will just right on to the gorgeous polish 😀


This next one is kind of blurry but I just loved how sparkly and shimmery it looked 🙂


Well guys, that’s it for me today, quick post 😀 lots of pics. I did pick up “OPI’s Nail Envy” yesterday after multiple suggestions, I used it for this mani and will continue, I will do a full report in a few weeks of how it’s worked for me.

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NOTD 96 – Cheryl

Hey guys! so, I was able to pump out a quick post for you guys today. No giveaway pics yet; working on those goodies still 🙂

Today’s polish (please excuse my nubs) 😦 is called “Cheryl by Zoya” (It also just so happens that both my mom and mom-in-law are both named Cheryl, so added bonus!!) 😀 The Zoya website describes it as: “A smoky brown base completely packed with metallic copper, gold and mahogany metallic microglitter. A jeweled brown for a very rich look!” I agree! My Girlfriend Gina gave me this polish a while back and I had not tried until now, and I LOVE it. see what you think..



This last photo, I took this morning, I have been taking Airborne for a couple of days because everyone at work is sick, and I still ended up getting sick! 😦 I BETTER get over this by my birthday (Sat) or I will be very upset! 😦


Alright loves, I will be back hopefully by the end of the week with a quick post on the giveaway details and some fabulous guest posters! I just got an email from a few yesterday so stay tuned for all that good stuff 🙂

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*Picture Heavy* My Polish Addiction (Updated)

This is an update to my Polish Addiction Post, the original can be found here. My dad made this shelf for me, and it’s been a work in progress ever since. I wanted to paint it, so my husband and I did three coats of a nice Cherry finish and two gloss top coats. I went to put it back and it kept tipping because it’s sitting on carpet, and it’s sooo heavy. I did not want to have another issue like I did here because that was just not cool. 😦 I have been procrastinating in getting brackets to secure the shelf to the wall and, FINALLY this weekend we put it up for real 😀 I also finished all my swatches  that I have been working on for a while now, so I had a very productive Saturday. Here is the final product. 🙂 ❤

And here are some pictures up close of my Collection, I will be updating my collection page here soon with a full list of my Collection.

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My Polish Addiction

*Caution, picture heavy

Hello my name is Amanda, and I am addicted to Nail Polish. My dad made me this shelf and carved out a nail polish bottle at the top for me to house my addiction 🙂

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NOTD9- OPI – Lincoln Park after Dark

This is “Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI” Its a very deep plum. Looks almost black but has a plum shade. Difficult color to capture.

This is with one coat of “Zoya – Faye” on tips

a little swoosh of “Zoya – Faye”

and lastly: this is what I ended up with.

I used my new-found tools and made diagonal Different sized dots with “Zoya – Faye”


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NOTD8- Zoya Faye VS OPI It’s My Year

In my last Beauty Haul I ordered both of these colors from see my “New Polishes” post for my review on that website. I was very upset when I tried these colors to see that they are virtually the same color.

Online they looked like different colors but now I know why… they are both one of those colors that is extremely difficult to capture in a photo. So I made some attempts to show you how they are basically similar.

I started out with one coat of “Zoya – Faye”

Then two coats

Then this is “OPI’s – I’ts my Year”

Again, rediculous hard to capture the little gold and purple flicks are very different in different lights, even in the bottle they don’t look the same but in person I can assure you, I can barely tell the difference. Glad I wasted 8 bucks a pop on each of the same thing… lol 🙂

In any event they are both beautiful colors as top coats or on their own I will post some pics soon, Enjoy!

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New Polishes!!!

Against the reviews for I decided still to try this website out for myself (becuase I am stubborn like that) My shipment came in today and these are my new lovely color choices:

From left to Right:

OPI – Mermaid Tears (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)

OPI – Lincoln Park after Dark

OPI – Grape Set Match (Serena Williams Collection

Zoya – Faye

OPI – Honk if you Love OPI

OPI – Planks A lot (Pirates of the Caribbean Collection)

OPI – It’s My Year (Miss Universe Collection)

Unfortunately some people did not have a very good experience with this company but I have to say mine was very pleasant. Prices were good and fairly good turn around time.

I placed my order on 1/25 which was a Wednesday. I received an email from them that Sunday the 29th that my order would be shipping soon and the email also gave me a shipping tracking number. Their website says once they have approved your order they print the shipping label. Should one of your items be back ordered they will attempt to hold your order for up to 14 days to see if it comes back in stock.

Then on Feb 8th my order left their facility and it came today! Everything I ordered was there, and their prices were great. Apparently some people didn’t get all of their items they ordered, the items were replaced with other items they didn’t order or just left out all together, some people didn’t even get their orders. : ( So should you decide to try this site out, proceed with caution. My experience was good as were some others, but remember not all were good.

Anyway! I am extremely excited to try out all my new colors and work with new ideas!

**Update, so I have tested out, “Zoya-Faye” and “OPI – It’s My Year” (Miss Universe Collection) and I have to say I was very upset. The pictures online of both the bottle and painted nails as well as you can see the above pictures, make them appear to be different colors. Yea, not so much. (Pictures to come) but lets just say that both of these colors are almost identical

I have alto tried “OPI – planks a lot” with “OPI – grape set match see that post. “OPI – lincoln park after dark” has its own post now as well as “mermaid tears” the only one i have not tried yet, is “OPI – honk if you love opi” that will also have its own post when ready 🙂


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Birchbox – Beauty Samples is a $10 a month beauty sample website. Each monthly box gives you 4-5 deluxe samples for your 10 bucks (free shipping).  For a yearly subscription you get a free month, at $110.00

I tried out this site at the 3 month subscription. I logged onto the site today while typing my post, and noticed that at this time they are currently sold out of all boxes…  😦   (Must be a pretty good site huh! Everyone must love it!)  But, you can join the waitlist and they will let you know when more become available.  Trust me if you love samples, you can’t beat it.

One of my favorite things that I received were, a Stila smudge stick waterproof eye liner in a beautiful bronze.  I twisted the eye liner all the way out to see how much was given and it was essentially a full-sized eye liner (value $20) so that in itself was worth my birchbox that month.  This was only 1 out of the 5 items in that months box.

Next month one of the items was a Zoya nail polish that was a beautiful color (wish I could figure out how to post a second picture…) the color was called, Twila.  It’s an Ocean blue with glitter (value $8) again worth my birchbox.

There were a lot of good sample products that I loved in my birchbox subscription, but I don’t want to ruin all the fun of you trying it out yourself. A lot of the fun is not knowing what you are going to get, its like getting a present in the mail every month!

To sign up, you go to the website (when they are not sold out of boxes… sorry guys.) You fill out a beauty profile and then once you pick a package or just a monthly subscription, your all set!  You’ll receive an email each month when your box ships.  Once you get through your shipping material there is a quality cardboard box as shown above with the Birchbox Logo.  Inside your items are nicely wrapped in pink tissue and there is a card labeling what you have received this month in your package. 

Each sampled item is available to purchase on their site in full size.

I enjoyed this site and the concept.  Let me know what You think if you decide to check it out!

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