Guest Bloggers Welcome

This is a Beauty Blog. I blog about Beauty Products, Beauty, Nails, Make up, sometimes accessories and more! If you are interested in doing a Guest Post for one of these topics on my blog, Contact me at with your ideas 😀

**Currently am only accepting blog posts regarding nails, nail art. etc. updated 5/29/13

6 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers Welcome

  1. Hi Amanda, I really enjoy your blog you seem very up beat and personal, that’s great. I would really enjoy some feed back on my site at .com. i would appreciate you comments also would you mine adding me to your blog roll I’m excited to research some of the site on your blog roll. P.S how did you over come the nail cuticle biting? I do that to I really need to stop I willingly listen to any advice you have to give.


    • Thank you so much! I will definetly check out your blog. I honestly find that pnce i started painting my nails again they were too pretty to chee. Plus it doesnt taste very good… Oer time ith keeping up with having polish consistantly on my nails.. As soon as it chioped on its own, replacing the mani. Eventualy i broke the habit, good luck with it 🙂


  2. hi Amanda,
    you recently liked my blog elliedraytonblog, and I decided to change my name, but it deleted the blog- I now have a new blog called ellieruthstyle and I would be very greatful if you could like my posts and follow me! thank you very much- I really like your blog and if its possible could you please spread the word about my new blog! thanks


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