Current Polish Collection

Last Updated 10/14/14
Most of the colors I have used that I feel the post is an accurate enough swatch to link below I will do so. Keep checking back, I will add more links.
In all of my looks, I use all nail polish unless otherwise noted. I use decals, glitter, toppers etc, but the art itself is always nail polish, I do not use acrylic or other paints.



A England – Dancing with Nureyev
A England – Tristam
Avon – Bronze
Avon – Marbly Pink (old no name)
Avon – Mink Vision
Avon – Moonbeam
Avon – Radiant
Avon – Saturn
Avon – Splendid Blue
Avon – Super Nova
Avon – Vamp It Up
Avon – Venus
Avon Lagoon
Barielle – Falling Star
Barielle – Jess’ Champagne Toast
Barry M – Bright Red
Barry M – Croc (Croc crackle)
Barry M – Gray
Barry M – Lavender
Blackheart Beauty – Hot Pink
Born Pretty – Holo #1
Brucci – Hot Pink (old no name)
Butter London – Bluecoat
Butter London – Disco Biscuit
Butter London – Leccy overcoat
Butter London – Lovely Jubbly
Cace’e – Tokya
Candy Lacquer – Unicorn Bubbles
Catrice – Even more metalilac
China Glaze – Adventure Red-y
China Glaze – Agro
China Glaze – Bali Bliss
China Glaze – Be Merry Be Bright
China Glaze – Black Mesh (crackle)
China Glaze – Broken Hearted (crackle)
China Glaze – Cracked Concrete (crackle)
China Glaze – Crushed Candy (crackle)
China Glaze – Don’t Make me Whine
China Glaze – Dorothy Who
China Glaze – Fairy Dust
China Glaze – Fault Line (crackle)
China Glaze – Frost Bite
China Glaze – Hippie Chic
China Glaze – I Herd That
China Glaze – Just Be-Claws
China Glaze – Let’s Groove
China Glaze – Lightning Bolt (crackle)
China Glaze – Liquid Crystal
China Glaze – Liquid Leather
China Glaze – New Birth
China Glaze – Pink Voltage
China Glaze – Resolution
China Glaze – Ruby Pumps
China Glaze – Sacred Heart
China Glaze – Santa Red my List
China Glaze – Sea Spray
China Glaze – Sexy in the city
China Glaze – Shine-nanigans
China Glaze – Stellar
China Glaze – Tongue & Chic
China Glaze – Travel in Color
China Glaze- Whirled Away
China Glaze – White Out
Cirque – Magic Hour
Cirque – Thicker Than Water
Cirque – Baptista
Cirque – Bejeweled
Cirque – Cerrillos
Cirque – Dear Dahlia
Cirque – Erda
Cirque – Fascination Street
Cirque – Fleur est belle
Cirque – Galinda
Cirque – Hellebore
Cirque – In the mood for love
Cirque – Midsummer Night
Cirque – Mink
Cirque – PowWow
Cirque – Trousseau
Cirque – XX
Cirque- Sanguine
CND – Tutti Frutti
CND-Grape gum
Color Club – Capricorn
Color club – Almost Famous
Color Club – Diamond Drops
Color Club – Holiday Splendor
Color Club – Lava Lamp (mini)
Color Club – Poptastic
Color Club – pucci-licious
Color Club – Twiggie
Color Club – Warhol
Color Club – Wham! Pow!
Color club- Chelsea Girl
Colors by Llarowe – Mojito
Colors by Llarowe – Ruthless People
Contrary Polish – Aruba
Contrary Polish – Somebody Loved
Cover Girl – 285 Mint Mojito
Darling Diva – Anna
Darling Diva – Black Diamond
Darling Diva – Channeling Coco
Darling Diva – Dangerous Driver
Darling Diva – Diamond
Darling Diva – Home of the Brave
Darling Diva – Miracle Cure
Darling Diva – Peonie
Darling Diva – Royale
Darling Diva – Stand Back
Deborah Lippmann – Bad Blood (mini)
Deborah Lippmann – New Flesh (mini)
Deborah Lippmann – Strange Love (mini)
Dollish Polish – Expecto Patronum
Dollish Polish – The Curse of Michael Myers
Dollish Polish – Walker Bait
Dollish Polish – You know nothing Jon Snow
Dollish Polish – Zombie Flesh
Dollish Polish – Zombies only like you for your brains
e.l.f. – Berry Pink
e.l.f. – Burgundy
e.l.f. – Cranberry
e.l.f. – Dark Red (mini)
e.l.f. – Golden Goddess
e.l.f. – gum pink (mini)
e.l.f. – Hot Pink
e.l.f. – light pink (mini)
e.l.f. – Light Red (mini)
e.l.f. – Medium Red (mini)
e.l.f. – pearl pink
e.l.f. – Royal Purple
e.l.f. – sparkle green
e.l.f. – tan
e.l.f. – Twinkle
e.l.f. Chocolate
e.l.f. Punk Purple
Elevation – Avalanche
Elevation – Elbrus
Essence – Me and my Lover
Essence – Party Princess
Essie – Aruba Blue
Essie – bikini so teeny
Essie – Blue Rhapsody
Essie – Find me an Oasis
Essie – For the twill of it
Essie – Good as Gold
Essie – No Place like Chrome
Essie – Nothing else Metals
Essie – Penny Talk
Essie – Pinking About You
Essie – Shearling Darling
Essie – Shrine of the Tides
Essie – The lace is on
Essie – turquoise and caicos
Fandom Cosmetics – Narya
Finger Paints – Crystal Springs
Finger Paints – Get Real-ism!
Finger Paints – Gogh Red
Finger Paints – Margarita Mambo
Finger Paints – Surf’s Up!
Finger Paints – Wild Bikini
Five Below (skull) – Hot pink
Formula X for Sephora – Light My Fire
Formula X for Sephora – Pedal to the Metal
Formula X for Sephora – Reckless
Funky Fingers – Confetti
Funky Fingers – Vivid
Girls Rock – Pretty Girls Rock
Girly Bits – Boo-Berry
Girly Bits – Stormy Skies
Glitter Gal – Bondi Blue – Holographic
HARE – Dog Day Dream
HARE – Why so Igneous
Hit Polish – Jack O’ Lantern (mini)
Hit Polish – Snozzberry (mini)
I Love Nail Polish – A Fresh Evergreen
I love Nail Polish – Absolute Zero
I love Nail Polish – AC Slater
I love Nail Polish – Birefringence
I love Nail Polish – Contraband
I love Nail Polish – Indie Go
I love Nail Polish – Northern Lights
I love Nail Polish – Very Ornamental
I love Nail Polish – Washing Ashore
Jade Holographic- dƩjƠ vu
Jade Holographic- Energy
Jade Holographic- Magia Negra
Jade Holographic- Vermehlo Surreal
Jessica – 18k Gold topper
Jessica – Banana Peel
Jessica – Barely Blueberry
Jessica – Brown Sugar
Jessica – Champagne Bubbles
Jessica – Cinnamon Kiss
Jessica – Crimson Tattoo
Jessica – Lime Cooler
Jessica – Pumpkin Delight
Jessica – Strawberry Shake It
Jessica – Surfer Boyz n’ Berry
Jessica – Tangerine Dreamz
Jessie’s Girl – Confetti
Julep – Carrie
Julep – Emma
Julep – Glenn
Julep – Kelly
Julep – Oscar
Julep – Sophia
KB Shimmer – Candy Cane Crush
KB Shimmer – Clown Puke
KB Shimmer – Snow Much Fun
KB Shimmer – The Dancing Green
Kiko – 300 Pearly Malachite Green
Kiko – 373 Burnt Sienna
Kiko – 381 Viola Grigio
Kiko – 423 Pearly Peacock
Kiko – 834 Golden Tiffany
Kleancolor – Fuscia holo
Layla – Changing Lilac (Magnetic)
Lime Crime – Crema de limon
Lime Crime – Lavendairy
Lime Crime – Once in a blue mousse
Lime Crime – Peaches & cream
Liquid Kandi – Just Dance
Liquid Lacquer – Genie, you’re free!
Liquid Lacquer – O’ Captain! My Captain!
Loreal – After Hours
Loreal – Captivating Crimson
Loreal – Not a Cloud in the Sky
Loreal – Stroke of Midnight
Loreal – Wishful Pinking
Love & Beauty – Fuscia
Love & Beauty – Purple Multi
Love Angelique – Never Loose Hope
Lush Lacquer – Black Friday (mini)
Lush Lacquer – Color me gray
Lush Lacquer – Salt N Pepa (mini)
Lush Lacquer – Slumber Party (mini)
Lush Lacquer – Snow Angel (mini)
Lush Lacquer – Thanks a latte (mini)
Maybelline – Impeccable Greys
Maybelline – Purple Possibilities (Crackle)
Maybelline – Sterling Silver
Mentality – Endeavor (Matte)
Mentality – Matriarch (matte)
Mentality – Reclaim (matte)
Mentality – Sailor (matte)
Milani – 3D Hi Res Holo Purple
Milani – Foxy Lady
Milani – Fresh Teal
Milani – Pool Party
Milani – Pyramid Passion
Milani – Teal (glitter)
Milani – white
Milani – Winter Wine
Morgan Taylor – Dress Code
Morgan Taylor – Fame Game
Morgan Taylor – Sarong but so Right
Morgan Taylor – Shock Therapy
Morgan Taylor – To Rule or not to Rule
Morgan Taylor – Under the Stars
N.Y.C. – White
N.Y.C. East Village
Nail Sugar – Sweet Tooth
Nicole OPI- Back to Reality TV
Nicole OPI- Love my Pups
Nicole OPI- Love Your life
Nicole OPI- Some Hearts
Nina Ultra Pro – Call the coppers
Nina Ultra Pro – Cobalt
Nina Ultra Pro – Iris
Nina Ultra Pro – Slinky Pink
Nina Ultra Pro- Punk Purple
Ninja Polish – Alexandrite
Nubar – Lustful Red
Nubar – Spirit Walker
NY&Co. – Aquarelle
NY&Co. – Oceanic
Oopsie Daisie – Apple Picking
OPI – #1 Nemesis (mini)
OPI – 4 In the Morning
OPI – Absolutely Alice
OPI – Alcatraz Rocks
OPI – Amazon Amazoff
OPI – BC Pink Shatter (crackle)
OPI – Bubble Bath
OPI – Can’t Afjord Not To
OPI – Can’t let go
OPI – Dating a Royal
OPI – Deutsche You Want Me
OPI – Did It on em
OPI – Dining Al Fresco
OPI – Do you have this color in Stock-Holm?
OPI – DS Extravagance
OPI – Dutch you just love OPI
OPI – Excuse Moi
OPI – Fly
OPI – Going my way or Norway?
OPI – Grape Set Match
OPI – Green on the Runway
OPI – Here Today aragon tomorrow
OPI – Hey Baby
OPI – Honk if you love OPI
OPI – How Great is your Dane
OPI – I don’t give a Rotterdam
OPI – I just can’t cope-acabana
OPI – I Think in Pink
OPI – Ice-Bergers & Fries
OPI – In True Stefani Fashion
OPI – Ink Suede
OPI – Into the Night (mini)
OPI – It’s My Year
OPI – It’s Totally Fort Worth It
OPI – Just Spotted a Lizard (mini)
OPI – Last Friday Night
OPI – Lights of Emerald City
OPI – Lincoln Park after dark
OPI – Lourve me Lourve Me Not
OPI – Love.Angel.Music Baby
OPI – Magazine Cover Mouse
OPI – Mermaid Tears
OPI – Minnie Style
OPI – My address is “Hollywood”
OPI – My Dogsled is a Hybrid
OPI – My Private Jet
OPI – My Voice is a little Norse
OPI – No room for the blues
OPI – OPI with a Nice Finnish
OPI – Planks A Lot
OPI – Pompeii Purple
OPI – Push and Shove
OPI – Right off the Bat
OPI – Russian Navy
OPI – Skating on Thin Ice-land
OPI – Suzi Has a Swede Tooth
OPI – Thank Clogg it’s Friday
OPI – The Skys the Limit
OPI – Today I accomplished Zero
OPI – Too pink to hold em
OPI – Underneath the Mistletoe
OPI – Unfor-greta-bly blue
OPI – Viking in a Vinter Vonderland
OPI – Warm & Fozzy
OPI – Which is Witch
OPI – Wocka Wocka
OPI – You Glitter be good to me
OPI – Your web or mine (mini)
OPI DS – Classic
OPI DS – Magic
OPI DS – Mystery
Orly – Forever Crimson
Orly – Golden Halo
Orly – It’s up to Blue
Orly – L.A. LaShay
Orly – Lucky Duck
Orly – Miss Conduct
Orly – Pink (very old no name)
Orly – Sweet Blush
Orly – Sweet Peacock
Philly Loves Lacquer – Fancy Brigade
Philly Loves Lacquer – Hope is an Option
Philly Loves Lacquer – Saturnalian
Philly Loves Lacquer – Wildwoods
Philly Loves Lacquer -Come Play with us Danny
Philly Loves Lacquer -HighHopes
Philly Loves Lacquer -Mishka’s Excellent Adventure
Philly Loves Lacquer -Sahn Diahgo or a Whale’s Vagina
Philly Loves Lacquer -Skoo-Kill
Philly Loves Lacquer -Tits McGee
Philly Loves Lacquer -Trick or Treat
Precision – Shine, Wine, and Dine
Revlon – Beach
Revlon – Bonsai
Revlon – Brown (very old no name)
Revlon – Coastal Surf
Revlon – Girly
Revlon – Ocean
Revlon – Stone
Ruby Wing – Dolled Up
Ruffian – Foxhunt
Sally Hansen – Blizzard Blue
Sally Hansen – Forbidden Fudge
Sally Hansen – Graphite Gravity (Magnetic)
Sally Hansen – Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen – Moccachino
Sally Hansen – Platinum Frost
Sally Hansen – Plum-It
Sally Hansen – Purple Potion
Sally Hansen – Purple Pulse
Sally Hansen – Ruby Sequin
Sally Hansen – Snow Blast (crackle)
Sally Hansen – Tanjerine Joy
Sally Hansen – Tidal Rave
Savvy – Touch of Glitter
Shimmer – Alice
Shimmer – Astrid
Shimmer – Cindy
Shimmer – Gerry
Shimmer – Jasmine
Shimmer – Katherine
Shimmer – Linna
Shimmer – Marilyn
Shimmer – Strength
Sinful Colors – Black
Sinful Colors – Call You Later
Sinful Colors – Endless Blue
Sinful Colors – Glass Pink
Sinful Colors – Happy Ending
Sinful Colors – Let Me Go
Sinful Colors – Pumpkin Spice
Sinful Colors – The Parking Meter Expired
Smitten Polish – Bluebird II
Smitten Polish – Pink Lemonade II
Smitten Polish – Winter is Coming
Sonia Kashuk – I Dream of Genie
Sonia Kashuk -Beachy Keen
SpaRitual – Hijinks
TipTop – Jazzberry Blue
TopShop – Dancing in the Dark
TopShop – Mariachi Madness
Ulta – Celebutante
Ulta – Concrete Evidence
Ulta – Cream of the crop
Ulta – Envy
Ulta – Femme Fatale
Ulta – Ginger Peach
Ulta – Holiday Inn
Ulta – Howl at the Moon
Ulta – Lav-ish
Ulta – Material Girl
Ulta – Pink Marble
Ulta – Snow White
Ulta – Tink-her-bell
Ultra Pro Nina – Shiny Pink
Urban Decay – Barlust (mini)
Urban Decay – Deep End (mini)
Urban Decay – Gold Mine (mini)
Urban Decay – Gunmetal (mini)
Urban Decay – Hot Mess (mini)
Urban Decay – Mars (mini)
Urban Decay – Woodstock (mini)
Urban Decay – Wrecked (mini)
Urban Decay – Ziggy (mini)
Venique – Cupcake me Away
Venique – Flip Flop to the Beach
Venique – Forever Fritters
Venique – Kitten Heel Slides
Venique – Pick your Potion
Venique – Wrapped in Jewels
VIP – Gold
Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Club Rat
Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Designated Driver
Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Don’t be cheesy
Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Jewelry Heist
Wet N’ Wild Spoiled – Playing with Platinum
Zoya – Anthea
Zoya – Arabella
Zoya – Aurora
Zoya – Barbie
Zoya – Blair
Zoya – Blaze
Zoya – Caprice
Zoya – Carter
Zoya – Charisma
Zoya – Charla
Zoya – Cheryl
Zoya – Chyna
Zoya – Cosmo
Zoya – Dahlia
Zoya – Darcy
Zoya – Dream
Zoya – Faye
Zoya – Gemma
Zoya – Jem
Zoya – Kierra
Zoya – Kissy
Zoya – Lotus
Zoya – Lux
Zoya – Neeka
Zoya – Sansa
Zoya – Shawn
Zoya – Storm
Zoya – Sunshine
Zoya – Suri
Zoya – Tomoko
Zoya – Tru
Zoya – Vega
Zoya – Zara

13 thoughts on “Current Polish Collection

  1. Wow, what a collection! I just started polishing and maintaining my nails again and have only one measly color, ha! It’s going to take me some time to catch up with you.


  2. I am so envious of your nail polish collection!! I too have an obsession with nail polish. I love how this is a completely separate page rather than a blog post. I’m sure I will be checking back frequently to find what colors I need in my own collection. I aspire to have a collection like yours one day. LOL


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