Mary Kay – Satin Lip treatment

This is Mary Kay’s Satin lips treatment. There is a two-step process help to gently exfoliate your chapped/wintery lips. Step one, which is the “mask” if you will, then the second which is the lip balm. I bought this a while back to try to help with my  lips. Seems to help!

this is before you can see the wrinkles and cracks

this is the step 1 “mask” you put it on and gently rub your lips and then leave it on for 1-2 minutes, then wipe off.

This is after, with the lip balm. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Mary Kay – Satin Lip treatment

  1. I just went to a Mary Kay party and this is one of the things she had us try! I didn’t end up buying it, although I do regret it! I bought microdermabrasion and she said you could use this on your lips too and get the same effect. It’s weird scrubbing my lips in the shower lol, but it works just the same!


    • definetly does! doent completely rid of it, but thats only if they are real bad like mine were. probably another 1-2 more times and they will be good as new! but definetly a big difference just from one use! 🙂


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