Who doesn’t love Sally Hansen?!

Hello lovelies! Happy Almost Friday, love short weeks!! For those of you that have been following me for a while know, I was chosen to receive the Summer 2012 VoxBox from Influenster . In the box one of the reviews was the “Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish” and “Cuticle and hand creme”, which I loved! Part of being an Influenster is that you must blog/video about the products, write reviews, share on social media sites, etc. Once everyone has had the time to test and review their products, the Influensters will be asked to fill out a detailed survey on each of the products. They also did a challenge for each of the products that included, tweeting pics to @SallyHansen, blogging, YouTubing, etc. and guess what! l I was picked as one of the 500 winners!! woohoo! Who doesn’t love free stuff! AND Sally Hansen.

Here is the email that I got:

“Hi Amanda,

Want to hear some great news? Great, we can’t wait to share:

We are pleased that you enjoyed your Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish, and Sally Hansen Cuticle & Nail Crème.  After reviewing tons of videos and blogs, the Influenster team couldn’t be more excited to announce that you, yes YOU have been selected as a Sally Hansen Brand Challenge Winner! We can’t thank you enough for participating in our Summer Beauty VoxBox program and completing the Brand Challenges. In honor of every effort you’ve put into spreading your satisfaction by submitting one of the best reviews, you will be awarded a Sally Hansen bonus pack.

This means that you will be receiving a Sally Hansen gift including:
1 Sally Hanson Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

I can’t wait to see which fun pattern I get. I have only used the Sally Hansen ones so it will be fun to try them again.

On another note, I have made some new purchases.. surprised? ha ha! I will be blogging about all of those shortly! 😀

I ordered a nail polish and a stamping plate from Ninja Polish which already came I tweeted a pic of it the other day for those of you that follow me on twitter. I got a new ring and a fab pair of earrings from Mark. (Avon). I recently had a Lia Sophia book party so I am waiting for my 3 Rings and a necklace to come in still from that, and I also ordered some of my very first Indie polishes which are coming any day now too so keep an eye out for all of those posts 😀


17 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love Sally Hansen?!

  1. Yay, so glad they chose you Amanda, that’s awesome! A good friend of mine sent me a set of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects for my birthday back in July and I finally got around to using them about two weeks ago. They are great and lasted a long time which is saying a lot for me. A little advice though, give your nails a gentle buffing (the one they provide worked fine for me), also give your nails a swipe with remover before applying, and use a good file rather than the one provided to remove the excess.


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