Day 1 Red – 31Challenge

This the first day of the Challenge, again remember for me, these looks will not be every day. I will be posting every couple of days, either when I get bored with the look or it starts to chip.

This is one coat of “e.l.f.’s Medium Red”

Two coats

This color is very light so I felt that I needed three coats as you still saw my nail

I then decided to paint my ring finger with the “NEW Spoiled by Wet n wild – Designated Driver” Yellow. This polish was awesome because it was only $1.99 but I felt it was harder to work with. It has a nice wide brush but it attracts a lot of polish to the brush. hard not to do thick coats. Seemed to take a little longer to dry as well probably as it was hard not to do thick coats, The picture above is 2 coats.

I had some address labels that I cut down and put it on my nail, I wanted to do a color fading effect with different shades.

I used “Spoiled by Wet n Wild – Don’t be cheesy” orange on the remainder of my nail then when dry used the red again on tip

This was Day 1 of the 31 Nail Challenge , hope you enjoyed!

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