OPI Nail Envy Review

Back in January, I posted that I was still having some issues with peeling and cracking of my nails, I also felt that my polish chipped way too fast. I was using Nailtek and Nailtiques which helped strengthen but didn’t keep the polish on long or I would use regular OPI or CND Sticky as a base but it didnt keep my nails good, only kept the polish on. Some of you had some awesome suggestions, thank you so much! Most of you seemed to agree that “OPI- Nail Envy” was the answer.

I picked up my very own bottle at the end of January and have been using it ever since. No peeling, cracking, chipping, I am loving it.

“Nail Envy” comes in multiple different formulas like the other brands (Nailtek, Nailtiques, etc)

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The one I picked up was for Sensitive & Peeling nails The other formulas are above.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have Sensitive nails, they are pretty strong, they just kept peeling. But I wanted something geared more toward my problem other than the original formula. It’s been a little over a month now, so I may head on over to the Maintenance one, we shall see.

I use the product per the instructions, my bottle says to paint two coats as a base, either leave plain or paint polish. Every day paint one coat of the top coat over your polish, and you can also use as a top coat. I have been using this instead of Seche to avoid shrinkage. It of course does not dry nearly as quickly but still fairly fast.

The only downside to the one that I chose, (and may be all of them) is that about half way through the bottle, just like Seche Vite, it gets thick and “stringy”. When I use it I drag long very thin strings along with me the best thing I can compare it to is if you have ever used a hot glue gun, you have long strings everywhere (or at least I do!) lol It also has a faint nail polish odor, most polishes now a days don’t stink as often but this one has a sort of faint smell that I am normally not used to with OPI.

As a final result, other than the fact that it gets a little thick after about half the bottle’s use, and the minor smell, I would still definitely recommend this as a base coat for any one that has peeling nails. I have not tried the others, but I am sure that they are just as great. I will let you know when/if I get the Maintenance one, how that holds up as well!

30 thoughts on “OPI Nail Envy Review

  1. I am so glad the Nail Envy is working for you. I have one suggestion, you may or may not use, but I would use the regular bottle of nail envy next. The regular nail envy does not get thick and goopy and I have never noticed an odor. I tried the maintenance and saw no difference from the original so I stick with the original. And since you haven’t tried the original maybe that would be a good next bottle for you to try.
    Like I said, just a suggestion. Either way I know Nail Envy, for me, is the best!
    Your friend,


    • I agree, I think for sure I am going to try the original next, I probably won’t even finish this whole bottle it’s getting so thick. I might try Seche Restore once and if it doesnt work just get the original. But I do love it, thanks again!


  2. Nail Envy is easily the best product I found to strengthen my nails. But as you said, it does end up getting quite thick, I used some Orly nail lacquer thinner to fix it 🙂


  3. my base coat ran out last night. I think I might have to try this! My nails peel like none other, its a disaster (my little sister saw my nails without polish on Friday and asked me if I had a disease)


    • Thanks for commenting, it seems to be everyones favorite! I am for sure going to switch to the original as soon as this runs out, or if Seche Restore doesnt fix the thickness of the one I currently have, then it’s out the door! and to the original lol


  4. I’m glad that you found something that works well for you! I may try the original some day down the line.
    I feel like I’ve been going on about this, but I started using Orly Nail Defense as a base coat (I had it for in-between manis) and it’s quite working well for me. I was prone to layers chipping off my thumbs, indexes, and middles, which not only meant a flimsy nail, but a big chip. I thankfully haven’t had that in a while. 🙂


    • That is awesome! That is exactly what I was having, so I am so thankful that I did find something! 🙂 Glad you found something that works for you too, because believe me I know, chipping sucks!


  5. Thanks for posting this. I have extremely weak nails and the polish chips off the top and my nails bend within a few days, even with a top coat, numerous color coats, and a base coat. I will definitely try this out, thanks!


  6. I love my Nail Envy! I have it in Matte. I use it wayyy more often than the instructions suggest, but after about six months the formula is still good as new, no issues with getting stringy. You can even use it as a matte top coat 🙂


  7. I’m jumping in here a little late 🙂 I purchased my bottle of OPI Nail Envy from Ulta Beauty for those who are not sure where to find it. I think I opted for the original formula myself LOL I would have to go look at the bottle. I have been very happy with it. I use it as the base coat so it is fun to know it could work as a top coat as well. Thanks for the post.


    • absolutely! never too late 🙂 I went back and got the original when mine was getting too thick. I must say I like the original way beter and my nails are so incredibly strong. love this stuff!


  8. Ahh. I’m so glad to have found this. My nails are getting pretty bad (peeling and such) atm so I need a strengthener and it’s on my list of things to source out this weekend! Cheers for this review, it’s great as well as the helpful suggestions the in comments :]


    • thanks so much, an update to this post is that if you look at some of my newer posts, my nails are very long i keep banging them and they are NOT breaking. super strong, plus no more peeling of course! They feel like fake nails I love this stuff


  9. I too have used nail envy original, and the results are truly amazing. I’m kinda don’t no where to go from here..Should it be the nail envy maintenance..I’m not sure, any suggestions would be great.Thanks Brenda


  10. Not a fan of Nail Envy. For 18.95 a bottle it shouldn’t 1. get thick after a month of using it (and it does, to the point of unmanagability; and 2. the brush should not become detached from the top, and I have yet to purchase a bottle of opi nail envy that hasn’t done both things. Nail Tek II does neither and is half the cost… so put it on and buy yourself a base coat… but I will no longer waste my money on nail envy….


    • sorry to hear that, I only had a problem with the one for splitting nails, I get mine on Amazon so it’s not $19. The original did not get thick on me and I use it everyday. Glad that Nail Tek works for you though


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