NOTD 130 – Pink Lemonade

It seems like I haven’t posted in forever.. 😦

First, I will start with an update to the ‘Essie – Nail stickers’ , these things….. SUCKED! I put them on, on Wednesday morning I believe it was, and by Thursday on the plane they were already lifting up and peeling off. It was more of a nail sticker than a lacquer sticker like some others. Although the design was neat, I won’t be buying this brands ‘stickers’ again.


As most of you know by now the reason for my not posting much this last week, was that I went to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my new nephew in North Carolina. I left Thursday morning and came home Saturday night and had things to do around house before I left. I had such a nice time with my family and my new and first nephew 🙂 He is a little over a month old now and just too damn cute!

While away, my polishes I ordered from ‘Smitten Polish’ came in. My husband texted me a picture of them that simply said “your loots came” and I got so excited!! I purchased, “Winter is Coming“, “Pink Lemonade II”, and “Bluebird II”.

I first applied the ‘Pink Lemonade II’ and thought it was too sheer for my particular taste. The polish is gorgeous on its own don’t get me wrong, I am just personally not a fan of nail lines. I used “Ulta – Cream of the crop” as underwear as it matched very closely. I painted two very thin coats of ‘Cream of the Crop’ and then two – three thin coats of ‘Pink Lemonade II’ on each finger. On my left hand only, I did an accent nail using “Urban Decay – Hot Mess” a bright pink I thought would bring out the bright pink sequins in the Lemonade polish.

Here’s how it came out:


And now for those of you that wish to see, here are a few pics from my trip.. 🙂 Never got to take a good one with my sister and/or brother-in-law 😦 just my nephew.

This first one is from when I first got there.


Next is Thomas I am pretty sure trying to blow me kisses.. lol 🙂


And finally just a big ol’ smile


And on that happy picture, Have a good day everyone!

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19 thoughts on “NOTD 130 – Pink Lemonade

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  2. 👼ahhhh….he’s an angel! Thanks for sharing your photos, I love this post!
    Your friend,


  3. Sorry to hear that your nail stickers didn’t work so well. Your nephew is adorable and it looks like you two hit it off very well. What a sweetie he is to blow you kisses 🙂


  4. I love pink lemonade! It’s a fusion between two of my fav colours! PINK AND YELLOW. It’s just perfection and I love the mani!
    Love the photos of Thomas! He’s so nunus (cute) 😀


  5. Awwww your nephew has such a cute lil smirk 🙂 Must be awesome to have your very first lil nephew!
    As for the Essie nail decals, I’m so disappointed they sucked. I’ve always wanted to get those exact ones you had but could never get myself to spend the $ on them. So I’m kinda glad I didn’t.


  6. That sucks about the essie stickers.. boo to that! And it’s a little unfortunate about the sheerness of pink lemonade but you made it look really good with the undies and then that accent nail that really brings out the pink. I think without it, it might have not been quite as pink and pretty. Good job! And oh my gosh…. your little nephew is just the cutest thing!! His smiley picture made me go AWWWW so loud I think I scared the dog. He is adorable!! I bet that was so fun going to see him. 🙂


    • hahaha I can just picture the dog getting scared. I have done that to my dogs on many occassions LOL and thank you yes it was so much fun going to see him. I miss him already, he is two months now and my sister sent me a video last night about him laughing like really laughing for the first time it was the cutest damn thing and im like I need to see him again already! lol Yes, boo essie stickers 😦


      • My dog, the little one, Minnie is the biggest wuss cuz I swear to god she JUMPS if you just clear your throat. She especially hates gasping and if I’m in bed (pinning, reading blogs, etc) and gasp or something she will jump up, give me the dirtiest look a miniature sheepdog looking dog can give and get off the bed. It’s too much.


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