The Lacquer Ring – Purple

So I had a post all planned out, I was going to paint my nails using this gorgeous holo glitter that Lesley gave me and no such luck.. So I was going to paint my nails last night with it, I know last minute.. serves me right. Well all of the sudden we had noticed that the floor in our Laundry Room was wet and my washer had been leaking. We moved the middle ‘agitator’ and the drum had water under it.. what the pluck. So we have been having a lot of issues with it and it’s capacity so this morning we bought a new washer dryer set because our dryer has been going as well. In any event I forgot to do my damn nails so I am cycling an old post that I never posted that’s why I have a leaf stamped.. lol

This Month Cynthia is back up from Of Life and Lacquer and first up for color she chose purple. This is Figgy Pudding by Smitten Polish. This was part of their Christmas/Winter Collection and was seriously my favorite Holiday Collection and this my favorite color of all of the collections I got. Believe me, I got quite a few collections around that time. lol

Smitten’s website describes this Jem as a purple jelly base filled with subtly shifting reddish bronze flakies and shimmer. With that I decided to use Essie’s Penny Talk to stamp a leaf as an accent on one of my nails I figured it would really make the flakes pop and I think that’s true.Β  Although with or without this stamp the flakes pop and are gorgeous on their own too.

IMG_2462IMG_2460IMG_2458Isn’t it amazing! This is one of those colors that has bumped it’s way to my top faves. πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Purple

  1. I really like that polish!! Great pick for the purple prompt. And oh man that sucks about your washer!!! Mine is currently leaking A LITTLE with most washes but it’s in our garage so I just have a towel in front of it to collect the approx. 1 C of water that seems to escape. When we get our tax refund we are going to have to get a new washer and dryer. Our dryer doesn’t actually dry things on “low” anymore so basically they both have to go. I really want a top loading old-style set though so I hope I can still find those. Our washer used to drain via the utility sink and it got clogged once and as I was leaving the house I saw some water running out of the front of the garage door onto the driveway so I ran back into the garage and YEP, ENTIRE floor flooded and we have stuff in there (it’s Daniel’s “man room”) so it was a MESS. Anyway, I hope you didn’t have any actual water damage. Good thing you had this post lying around! πŸ˜‰


  2. Ahhhh you had to use a Smitten! I’m still wishfully waiting for Lesley to hate hers lol. That purple is pretty to say the least…as I pout here.


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