Day 13 Animal Print – 31Challenge

“What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit?” – Stu – “The Hangover”

The next day of the Nail Challenge was to do animal print. I felt inspired to do something different on this one, something other than the moist common zebra or leopard prints. I did some searching and thought that Tiger print would look pretty cool, plus I had just the right paint for it. I had recently received neon orange in my latest Birchbox that I just had to use for today’s look.

My Polishes are”Color Club in Lava Lamp”, “Sinful Colors in Black”. I also used “OPI – Base and Top Coat” a toothpick for the stripes, and scotch tape to line up the tips.

Here is a shot at my left hand

And the Right:

And the final look all together: 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Day 13 Animal Print – 31Challenge

  1. i like to cry when i saw this. hahah coz its pretty and perfect. i did my animal print and its a fail. Love it really ♥


  2. MY absolute FAVORITE! The colors, the whole concept u captured beautifully….My fav. animal print, my favorite The Tiger!! way to Mae!! so original ❤ i want these!!


    • verrrrryyyyy slowly LOL I had a harder time with my left hand doing my right as I am right handed and I just took my time and went real slow. The paint kind of worked to my advantage as it dries quickly so i just dipped the tip in the paint sideways and drug it along my nail. Once I got the desired line went back and filled it in. Good luck 🙂


    • Also: if you go to any search engine and search your desired print in “images” it also helped to have a picture of the stripes, or spots that I liked right there in front of my for my first nail that way I could have a sample. Then once I got that nail done, I used that as a sample to complete the rest! Forgot about that, the pictures helped too! : )


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