NOTD 102 – Featured Color Friday – ‘Flesh & Blood’

This Friday’s feature is “Deborah Lippmann – New flesh” from the True Blood collection and “Jessica – Crimson Tattoo”. The mani started out as a play on the “new flesh”, I wanted to use a blood-red color for stamp and it turned literal……

The other night started out as any normal Wednesday night, we ate dinner, watched some TV, etc. Tempest my ‘daughter’ who is a hybrid, wolf-husky and an extremely picky eater, decided she didn’t want her dinner.  Instead of sending her to bed hungry I decided, 10 o’clock last night, to go throw on a frozen hamburger to add to her food, for her to eat… I got out a knife to pry the stuck patties apart when… SLICE!  Right through my thumb…

Once we slowed the bleeding and could get a good look at it to could determine it needed professional attention, we went to the E.R. (I should add I have never been in a hospital for my own treatment, never broken any bones, never cut myself to the point where I needed stitches… so yeah, it freaked me out a little…)

The doctor advised that I had two options: it was definitely bad enough for stitches but he didn’t want me to have to go through the trauma if he could “glue” it. Sounds fun right?  So he glued me and broke open the cut and I started to bleed all over again, but it finally stopped.  They wrapped me up and put a splint to keep the finger immobile so I don’t break open the glue.  All fixed up, I finally returned home around 3AM.

As you can see my idea of the play on ‘blood’ to go with my new polish “new flesh” turned literal, lol.

When I went to the E.R. that night I had just “new flesh” on and I hadn’t done the stamps yet.  I did the stamps on Thursday, so they are far from perfect, hence the lack of pictures.

(Oh, and getting showered & ready today one-handed was… well, interesting. 🙂 )

Picture 004

Here is “new flesh” as is. It’s well… “fleshy”. lol

Picture 012Here is the sloppy finished product using stamp CH33 with “Jessica – Crimson Tattoo”

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49 thoughts on “NOTD 102 – Featured Color Friday – ‘Flesh & Blood’

  1. I hate to push the “like” button because I don’t like that you are injured, poor baby! But of course, I always “like” your posts! I hope you heal soon!
    — Judi


  2. Oh my goodness, that sucks. At least you have gorgeous nails. I hope you’ll be able to pretty up your thumb soon. I don’t have a hybrid wolf-husky, but I do have four huskies and they are quite the handful. I had to go to the ER once because of them too. Silly puppies.


  3. OW! Your story made me cringe. I’ve done the same thing to myself – except I was only trying to cut bread! 😛 Your mani looks awesome though! I have yet to try Deborah Lippmann, but I really like how New Flesh looks.


    • Thank you! Me too honestly i dont want to spend the money. This was the mini true blood set and i got it for christmas. I am not into nudes normally, and any other time injury or not, it would have driven me crazy to hav it on there and not br anle to put the stamps on… Nut honestly it didnt bother me itwas such a pretty neural matched my ‘flesh’ almost perfect.


  4. Wow what a trooper. Sorry you had such an incident but I feel like your first trip to the hospital had to be a little dramatic since you missed out growing up as a child lol 😛 Glad its in the healing faze and hopefully no scars with the glue! Love the colour and the design. Done like a pro, literally – one handed!


  5. Ohhhh my god, my whole body is cringing through that whole post. I have no tolerance for that stuff >.< I have never broken a bone or gotten stitches (except for when my wisdom teeth were pulled, but I was asleep)..I dread the day something like this will happen to me. I'm starting to feel sick lol. Major kudos on finishing your mani though! You're hard core!


  6. Love this! Love the stamp and the flesh toned polish! It’s neutral and sexy.
    I don’t love the poor thumb though. EINA!!!! I love though how you added it to the photos though 😀 I know that’s weird but I don’t think it is!


  7. Sorry about your finger. Hope you better now. The nails look great though. Happy to know you turned a painful experience to a fun one. Thumbs up (my bad!) for positive attitude.


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  9. Oh my gosh!! How scary! I absolutely hate, HATE, HATE!!!!!!! cutting myself or hearing about other people cutting themselves. It’s so freaky cuz it’s like you know you’ve PROBABLY done something bad like a split second before you start bleeding and before it starts hurting and then you’re like Ohhhh NOOOOO and it’s totally freaky cuz you don’t really wanna look, but you have to to see how bad it is. Yikes. I’m sorry that happened. 😦 Emergency rooms are super crappy for whatever reason you’re there. I like your nails tho! And look- what a fun prop you have! Haha.


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