NOTD 179 – Featured Color Friday – Icey Duo

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays (just in case I am not able to post again for a while with the upcoming craziness) 🙂

As I said in my last post, I picked up Butter London’s Double Take Ice Duo at Ulta the other day. It’s … amazing! I absolutely loved the formula of both of my first ever Butter’s. The blue is just as stunning as I’d hope it’d be from the looking at it in the bottle. and I actually like the glass shardy ice topper and I wasn’t sure I would.

Picture 147

This is the website’s description: Opaque, navy shimmer. A twist on the traditional style of dress in British private schools.

Picture 151

Picture 154

Picture 145

Here is a close up of the shard topper

Picture 157

I am totally in love with my new blue and topper… Although as I said in my last post, due to the price this will probably be my only Butter’s unless I can find another amazing sale!

A very merry unbirthday to me! Don’t forget, I also picked up the Double Take Fire Duo and it’s up for grabs right now for my Birthday Giveaway #1! ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***


Alright guys, as I said just in case I can’t post until after Christmas, Have a Happy Holiday (I will post my Christmas manis’ after in one post) and of course

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NOTD 178 – Featured Color Friday – Indie Hello Kitty

Woohoo It’s finally Friday! I feel like I am so behind this year, I have no decorations up, nothing wrapped, still a few people to buy for, etc. I am usually way more prepared by now. I think it’s that Thanksgiving was so much later, it’s totally throwing me off. I have been working on Saturdays for OT, this Sunday I have a party to go to, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of next week I have things going on, along with Doctors, etc. mixed in to that, it’s just insane!

Anyway, enough about my crazy schedule and lack of preperation this year, on to this beautiful ILNP pretty that I have been telling you all so much about lately. This is Indie Go by I Love Nail Polish. It’s a gorgeous blue holo with mixed in blue sparkles and subtle color change.

This picture is a little blurry but you can just see the amazing holo/sparkle and slight color change! 🙂

Picture 144

I then stamped my Ice skating Hello Kitty and I took my Milani nail art bottles and filled in some of the stamp. I colored in her headband and scarf pink and added glitter to her skates and her headband for some sparkly detail. 🙂

Picture 138

Picture 135

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Picture 107

Lastly, the Week 2 Contest voting also ends this weekend, click on the picture to go vote. Thank you!

Picture 128

So are you as un-prepared as I am this year?

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NOTD 176 – Featured Color Saturday – Absolute Glitter

Happy Saturday guys! Sorry my Featured Color is late, I was a very busy girl shopping yesterday and was just too beat! We went out Thursday Evening for Round 1 at 6PM, then Round 2 at 8PM and then Round three Friday morning at 6AM. Whew!

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and if you went shopping, got some nice deals!

I have for you another one of my I Love Nail Polish pretties, I give you Absolute Zero paired with Morgan Taylor Fame Game

Picture 117

Picture 115

Picture 112

Absolute Zero is a deep navy with amazing glitter undertones. I love this color so much. Then Fame Game is so blinged out, love this too!

Before I go, don’t forget to vote for me please VOTING ENDS SUNDAY DEC 1st Type your name, your email and click the drop down for me (hopefully I’m your favorite) 🙂

Also, don’t forget to enter my Winter nail care giveaway! **GIVEAWAY CLOSED** Thank you entrants

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NOTD 174 – Featured Color Friday – Birefringence

It’s Friday! I actually wore this amazeballs color earlier in the week but as you read in my last post, I had a post to catch up on. This is #2 of my 7 ILNP pretties.  “Birefringence shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens!” as the website describes this beauty.

This color shifts more purples and blues for me so I decided to stamp  Essie’s the lace is on and ILNP’s Contraband. I used stamp PUEEN06 and dotted the pink stamps from top to bottom and Contraband from bottom to top.

Picture 131

Picture 137

Picture 138

Picture 139

Picture 129

Well… wasn’t I right? This color is super color shifting with amazing shimmer. I am in love! I thought that Northern Lights was my favorite of the bunch but I am not sure now… this might be!

What do you think of this gorgeous ultra chrome?

P.S. NPC asked me to join in this years 2nd Annual Holiday Nail Art Contest again. So keep an eye out, I am going to need some votes, the contest starts next week. There are three weeks of challenges I will be participating in and then they choose 5 finalists for the Grand Prize. 🙂 Check out my art last year.

My nails for Week 1 – The theme was Snow for 2012 Nail Polish Canada’s 1st Annual Nail Art Contest

My nails for Week 2 – The theme was gifts for 2012 Nail Polish Canada’s 1st Annual Nail Art Contest

My nails for Week 3 – The theme was Trim the tree, Holiday decorations – for 2012 Nail Polish Canada’s 1st Annual Nail Art Contest


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NOTD 172 – Featured Color Friday – Northern Lights @ILNPBrand

It’s finally Friday, this was a long week but a good one! I got to spend a decent amount of time with my sister and my nephew but now I am sad it’s over, she heads home tomorrow morning 😥

I had gotten an email from I Love NP about 2 weeks ago maybe longer about a new line that she was coming out with. I loved just about every one of them but I had to control myself! I picked out 5 of the pre-order polishes and if you purchased three you got another special polish, I then also ordered Northern Lights which I have for you today. I absolutely love all of the colors that I chose but this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch see for yourself.

The website describes Northern Lights as “a wonderful duochrome nail polish with dark purple and navy blue hues.” This color is so stunning, I just have no words, I tried very hard to capture the dark purple hue but it’s very hard, it even looks greenish in some lights. See for yourself.


Picture right from ILNP site.

I painted two coats of Northern Lights and using Essie’s There’s no place like Chrome, I stamped this design using PUEEN14 stamp. Here is the final result:

Picture 113

TPicture 115

TPicture 116

TPicture 119

This was a couple of different angles and lighting, in person you can definitely see that in some lights it almost looks greenish and you can see the very subtle purple undertone.

So what did you think? Did you pick up any of ILNP’s latest line (coming out November 22nd for those of you that did not get the pre-sale)

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NOTD 170 – Featured Color Friday – Darling Talk

Happy Friday!!! This weekend is especially special because my sister and my nephew are coming to visit on Monday!! ❤ ❤

The other day in Target, I picked up ‘Shearling Darling’ from the  Essie Winter Collection. It’s a very typical winter red to me, nothing too fancy i.m.o. but obviously something drew me to it, that’s why I picked it up right? 🙂

Picture 1pp11

Picture 1pp10

I then used my thin chevron plate and on my ring finger painted the red first and stamped ‘Essie – Penny Talk’ overtop and on my pointer finger painted Penny Talk with the Red Chevroned over top that.

Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

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NOTD 165 – Featured Color Friday – Flowery Zara

It’s Friday again woohoo! I feel like I have no time any more for my nails and the blog.. whomp whomp!

I got another package from The Born Pretty store with some goodies to review for you. Today I have some flowery nail art stickers atop two coats of ‘Zoya -Zara’. I am not sure how I feel about this purple, I like it on one token for the gold shimmer to it yet don’t like it on the other hand for the same reason…

These nail art stickers were sent to me to review for my unbiased review

Picture 106

Picture 108

These stickers can be found on the Born Pretty Store for $4.73 and it comes with 10 sheets of variety stickers.

The stickers come off easily and stick well, I used Seche Vite on top of them and they did not shrink or get funny like some nail art stickers do. I really like how they have a little bit of 3D-ness to them but it’s barely noticeable with top coat as you all know I am not a fan of 3D it drives me nuts!

I wore these nails for the normal few days and the stickers lasted well, they did not lift or chip off.

The Born Pretty store has all your nail art needs with much more. They have beauty products, jewelry, nail polish, etc. They also ship Worldwide!

Don’t forget The Born Pretty store gave me a coupon to share exclusively with Mae’s Beauty followers. The coupon is good for 10% off and free shipping. Click the link below to be brought to their store; Remember to use the exclusive coupon code of ‘ZYL91′ in the checkout for your special discount. (It’s also on the side bar of the blog)


Alright guys, Have a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend!

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