The Lacquer Ring – Geometric

So like I said most of the girls were slackers.. LOL so you are seeing our Nail art challenge this week instead of last. As you read this I am driving to Maine to celebrate my 10th wedding Anniversary with my husband. They have an Annual ‘Lobsterfest’ among other fun things. From what we’ve heard, it’s absolutely stunning there, so I cannot wait to arrive.

I’ve been wanting a couple of the OPI Coca-Cola collection colors and after lots of searching finally got the ones I wanted. I got Today I Accomplished Zero and Green on the Runway.  Green on the Runway is absolutely stunning, its such a gorgeous green! This color is perfect for fall but I could not wait to use it.

Just as Chartreuse was Jess’s pick, the nail art challenge is hers too and she picked Geometric. I did two coats of Green on the runway and stamped Essie’s Good as Gold using my MoYou stamp. I hope this is geometric enough for ya Jess 😉




Well there you have it. Check out the other lacquer Ring girls for their take on geometric!

3 thoughts on “The Lacquer Ring – Geometric

  1. Funny how you and Jess used the same color! Amy and I shared a color, too, heh, heh. It’s amusing when we end up with similarities when we have thousands of bottles between us all!
    There are shapes…it’s geometric! Haha. This polish just looks excellent for everything…as a stand-alone or mixed with lights, darks, metallics…all of it!
    I hope you’re having a great trip! 😉


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