Stamping Saturdays – Frittery Monarchs

Today is my 10th Wedding Anniversary, so I am scheduling this post to post today. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t ::fingers crossed:: My husband was in the Army and we were stationed in Texas and we got married at the Justice of Peace. As most of our family was not able to attend, once he got out of the Army, and we moved back home, we had a Vow Renewal Ceremony and Reception for our 5th Anniversary. Today, we have now been married 10 years, where the heck does the time go. You always hear people say it but I never thought I’d say it, it’s absolutely true. He still is to this day the love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without him.

So you are not loosing it, ( if you are keeping track that is ) TLR or The Lacquer Ring was due this Thursday for our Nail art challenge group post. The other girls are such slackers! hehe so we delayed until next Thursday. For this week’s Stamping Saturday I have a look that I am absolutely in love with.


This weeks look is Monarch butterflies. I used Ruffian’s Fox Hunt with one coat of overlay using Venique’s Forever Fritters, stamped with China Glaze’s Liquid Leather using MoYou Pro Collection 5 stamp. I then hand painted in the white dots using China Glaze’s White out.




I absolutely love the way this came out, it is sooo much prettier and shimmery-er in person.

Butterflies are very special to me. Butterflies always find me, all of my plants attract them, (on purpose ;) )I have such good luck with them I even held a few before. But even more important than, that in my family we say they are a sign of our loved ones watching over us in a way. A family member had passed who loved butterflies and on the day of her funeral in the rain a butterfly landed on her grave as if to tell our family that she was alright. When my grandfather passed I felt as though every time I saw a butterfly flying so close to me or allowing me to hold it, I felt it was him doing the same. Has anyone ever had an experience like that at all?

There you have it, now go check out the other girls looks!

Stamping Saturdays – Leopard Lover

It’s Saturday again! Today I am going to a craft show with my mom to see my cousin who makes these amazing hand painted glasses. Then I am going out with my girlfriend to lunch and then to pick up my OPI’s waiting for me at my polish store, the green, silver, and black from the OPI Coca Cola collection! :)

Today I have a special gift from my girl V, Essence’s Me and my Lover. I stamped Essie’s Good as Gold overtop using my 80’s MoYou stamp and then painted China Glaze’s Liquid Leather in the spots.


I only have one picture because I don’t really like it… this is the look I was going for sure but I am not sure I love the colors all together

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And the winners are…..

And the winners are….


Alison Walker , Yen Morales , and Francesca Biondina!

Congrats everyone!


The winners have been notified via email. Due to Country and time differences each winner has 48 hours to get back to me with their address.

Thank you to everyone who entered! and welcome new followers :)

Stamping Saturday – Bejewled Tiger

I absolutely love this MoYou stamp, I am using it again. I used it a few weeks ago when The Lacquer Ring brought you our first collab post and I did my orange nails . This is two coats of Cirque’s Bejeweled which I absolutely LOVE and I stamped China Glaze’s Liquid Leather with the stamp overtop. I love how the holo shows through it.


That’s all I have today, quick post!

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The Lacquer Ring – Chartreuse

So this month it’s Jess from Once Upon a Polish’s turn, for our color she chose chartreuse. I am personally not a big fan of this color.. lol I had to improvise. The closest I have to chartreuse was OPI’s Did it on em, because this is such an ugly color, again sorry Jess.. lol I decided that it reminded me of the 70’s. I chose to make my nails look like a 70’s couch or pants. I stamped Cirque’s Mink using my plaid stamp as well as Avon’s Saturn using the same stamping plate, just stamping it over the brown.

Here is my inspiration lol


Here are my nails






 So there you have it, there’s my nails for our Chartreuse collab. It’s not that I hate this color.. its more that I think it looks terrible on my nails with my skin tone, okay and maybe a little that I hate it lol.

Here are the other Lacquer Ring manis- keep checking back as we might have some late posts :)

Stay tuned, in two weeks will be her pick for our nail art theme :)

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